Marvel United board game review: X-Men + Deadpool

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That you’re not entirely impressed with purebred boards like Splendor Marvel, and yet you’d be happy to have an Iron Man and Black Widow themed game on your desk. So today we have a clue for you in the form of Marvel United: X-Men and its Deadpool expansion, which, as the name suggests, brings the badass dude made famous by Ryan Reynolds. Relax, the heroic ride is about to begin.

  • Number of players: 15
  • Game time: 30-45 minutes
  • Price: 1179 CZK (Thlam Games)
  • Age: 7+

Marvel United: X-Men presents their favorite team in all its glory

The X-Men are one of the first heroes of the Marvel Universe who were given a really worthy film in which, at least for the first time, the power of this universe was shown. In the case of other parts of the series, things did not go so smoothly, but they were still memorable works. And so it was probably only a matter of time before Marvel United also had a variant led by Professor X, Wolverine, or the Juggernaut, who is, of course, the villain in this case.

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Like their counterparts, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning gang is tasked with protecting the innocent from the villains these heroes know all too well in Marvel United: X-Men. But okay. On the right side you will find Storm, Cyclops, Beast or Jean Grey. In addition to loaded logs, those for whom good is not given can also become heroes in a party, as is the case with Mystic and Magneto. These two can playfully transform into villains, whose spectrum, in addition to them, consists of the already mentioned Juggernaut along with Sabretooth. The palette of characters is extensive, their figures are also very beautifully crafted, which are downright tempting to paint.

The format of victory and defeat here is simple. The heroes must defeat the villain as he faces the realization of his insane plan. But doing a dark deed is not the only way to defeat the villain. He also wins when there are no more antagonist-specific cards at his disposal, or, conversely, when the heroes run out of them. Each of the stories in Marvel United: X-Men begins with a villain moving across the field and creating various crises.

This often results in injury or at least weakening fighters for good reason. Interestingly, up to a certain point, the negative characters of the history of Marvel United: X-Men are invulnerable and can only be hit after you complete two of the three missions. As for their format, they focus on rescuing civilians, eliminating criminals, or preventing threats. What goals you achieve is up to you.

Marvel United: X-Men + Deadpool Marvel United 4 board game review

You can also play as a villain

And where to find civilians and repeat offenders in Marvel United: X-Men? They are located in different places on six locations that serve as the playing field. You play with heroes and deal with threats in the form of enemy supervillains that you need to defeat and the attacks of the main villain that you protect from by fulfilling the conditions indicated on the map. In addition, when you manage to clear it, you will be able to benefit from the effect of this location, thanks to which you can, for example, move your hero around the map at will or save civilians from maps that are out of your reach. .

During your turn, you have the ability to move your champion using the available tokens, attack enemies with them, save civilians, or use a piece that symbolizes the Joker. With it, you can decide what is needed at the moment. After the heroes draw three cards, it’s the villain’s moment as new story cards are revealed to expand the story, and it’s up to you to neutralize them. Things don’t always go right in Marvel United: X-Men, so more than once you’ll be cornered by the enemy and hitting your guys with blow after blow. Heroes have no life, so each wound costs them one card. As soon as they discard the last card from their hand, the journey is over for them.

Marvel United: X-Men + Deadpool Marvel United 3 board game review

During the game, you don’t have to face only the villain that the game controls. Marvel United: X-Men also features a supervillain variant, with four players pitted against a man who gets his hands on a villain of his choice. The rules of this game format are a little different from what you use in the basic version, but at least when playing with children, it turned out to be more effective for me, because I got the opportunity to use more players.

Deadpool brings chaos to Marvel United: X-Men

While most of the characters are more or less well-established, Deadpool is a bit different from his peers. As in the comics, here he is also a relatively liberated guy who has the opportunity to take on several roles at once. However, it works quite unpredictably at times in all of them. When you make him a hero and engage him in combat, you really have to expect that the next card you draw can do more harm than good, because this guy is incredibly chaotic.

Marvel United: X-Men + Deadpool Marvel United Deadpool 1 board game review

Quite often, you start an event after you pick up a card. As part of it, you then have to reach for a card from a deck of chaotic challenges, due to which you can, for example, inadvertently kill all your colleagues standing around you and take part of the villain’s life with you to hell. The randomness aspect is really important, which adds a twist to Marvel United: X-Men. As an antagonist, the red fighter with two katanas is invulnerable, so you will have to literally pull him up while he draws one strange card after another. The victims of his wounds can be punctual players, lovers of going to the toilet, or the person who last rolled the lowest number. There are many options, but the only thing that is certain is that you will have a lot of fun.

In addition to Deadpool, this add-on also introduces the character of Bob, an agent of the evil organization Hydra. He, like the red madman, has the ability to be both a villain and a goodie. That is how it will be received. In fact, he is more of an anti-hero than a positive character in the truest sense of the word. With some cards, he even deals damage to other members of his team while buffing himself, which will make the rest of the squad not look much like you after a while.

Marvel United: X-Men + Deadpool Marvel United Deadpool 2 board game review

As a villain, Bob is quite a strong opponent. To get to him, the heroes of Marvel United: X-Men must complete a total of three missions, during which, in addition to defeating the green villain, you also try to stop him from carrying out his sinister retirement plan. Bob enters the game with threat cards that represent tough villains including the Kingpin, the Red Skull, and the Green Goblin. What we’re talking about is a decent carnage.

Marvel United: X-Men presents an eye-catching part along with Deadpool

At its core, Marvel United: X-Men is a mostly cooperative game that is a very strong game that is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Although it has a bit more components, if you immerse yourself in the game, you will quickly get used to the individual character cards and then you will mow down one bad guy after another, and over time, maybe even get a taste of PvP. This is a good component that basically increases the replay value as the player plays differently than the villains usually work.

Deadpool brings to Marvel United: X-Men a number of very wild cards and a relatively crazy game format in which the cards work with some pretty bizarre possibilities. Do I like the format? He’s actually quite good, but he brings in a lot of random elements, which is why I prefer Bob. He works according to interesting principles both as an anti-hero and as a boss. However, as a whole, I think Marvel United: X-Men, along with Deadpool, are solid works that are definitely worth a look. But next time I might rate a slightly more normal villain than Deadpool.

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