Early access to Diablo 4 suffers from a number of problems

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Diablo 4 has begun closed beta testing for those who want to pre-order the game. No one probably expected that this stage of testing would pass without much difficulty, and if by chance someone did it, then they quickly went astray on the very first day. Most of them suffered from an almost traditional Blizzard problem with queues that were really difficult to get through, and when some players succeeded, they got stuck on the screen during character creation, or the game kicked them for unknown reasons and actually sent them. them back to hell front.

Of course, Blizzard is aware that things are not going as planned and reminds all Diablo 4 testers that issues are part of testing, commenting as follows: “When playing the Diablo 4 beta, please be aware that the experience is incomplete and that you may encounter bugs and crashes while playing. Once the beta is complete, we will evaluate any feedback received and make any necessary changes.“.

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Among other things, Blizzard says it is actively working on server issues that should significantly reduce instability and latency. If you manage to overcome all the problems, Diablo 4 will already offer you a very worthy experience based primarily on graphical processing that is really distinctive. However, you won’t get access to some characters until this week, and you also need to take into account the maximum indicated level.

Source :Indian TV

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