Building strategy Pharaoh: A New Era will be in Czech

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A remake of the iconic 1999 city-building strategy game Faraon is coming. The game will be released digitally via Steam next week. So it’s no surprise that Dotemu goes with eight minute gameplay trailer. In it we can see redesigned graphics and gameplay.

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The video covers all the basics of building, from basic resource gathering and early building to trading with nearby cities. Take a look at the redesigned user interface, which should make it easier to build and manage the city.

Developers from the studio Triskell Interactive did not want to underestimate anything and called for help certified Egyptologistto ensure the historical accuracy of the game, at least in terms of architecture.

they surprise Czech subtitles. Officially, they will not be in the game, instead, the hacker managed to get all the texts from the demo and translate the game before release. Thanks to this, the fixes have already been made and everything has been tested in the demo version. The well-known group will take care of the spread of the Czech language. It is not yet determined when the Czech version will be available for download.

Pharaoh: new era will be released February 15, 2023, and will also include a standalone expansion Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile from 2000, which, together with the original game, offers over 100 hours of gameplay, 53 missions, a full map and mission editor, and a Free Build mode (unlimited building).

Source :Indian TV

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