The creators of TEKKEN 8 presented a preview of the new mechanics

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TEKKEN 8 is not often presented by the creator. However, now the developers are preparing a preview of the new game mechanics. According to the information they provided, one of the main goals of the developers was to make their work so that each player could get the most out of it, feel literally every blow and, most importantly, be able to quickly enter the game. For example, the characteristics of individual characters have been improved along with their specialization. It is assumed that the new version of the Rage mechanic will be a reworked version. It’s all supposed to be more aggressive, so while the game won’t reward you in any way for defense, you’ll benefit from attacking. If you’re more interested in the title, we definitely recommend watching the entire video.

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TEKKEN 8 has no set release date yet. However, the game should arrive on PC, PS5, and Xbox X/S later this year.

Source :Indian TV

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