Microsoft wants to take Sony to court with the FTC

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Microsoft decided to call as a witness in a trial with an American Federal Trade Commission (FTC) the company itself Sony. She is clearly the most vocal opponent of the planned acquisition. Activision Blizzard from Microsoft.

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Sony’s official response to the agenda was supposed to come on January 20, but after the postponement, we will see it in a week. Microsoft must demand a competitor production informationwhich confirms or refutes Sony’s claims about big future losses in connection with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. In any case, it is likely that Sony will demand that the subpoena be cancelled.

In an effort to prevent a problematic development of the situation, Microsoft guaranteed the release of Call of Duty on PlayStation and Sony were also offered a contract, but the counterparty refused. At the same time, the American publisher made a commitment Nintendothat will bring a famous brand to his console.

Sony isn’t the only company that doesn’t like the nearly $70 billion purchase. Companies should have talked to the FTC Google and Nvidia. The US authorities, on the other hand, are the only ones who filed a lawsuit against Microsoft. However, concerns are also expressed by the British authorities and the European Commission.

Source :Indian TV

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