The scandalous “On the Eve” is postponed again

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Do we have a second Derelict here? Survival MMO title the day before it’s been on the Steam wishlist for a long time, but the game itself seems inconsistent to say the least, we haven’t seen much, and now, a month and a half before release, it’s been delayed again. In addition, at the end of January we saw the long-awaited unedited gameplay.

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Now You won’t even find The Day Before on Steam. The game disappeared from the Valve store due to a trademark issue. Steam blocked the game a month before release at the request of a certain Lee Sung Jae from South Korea, who owns a trademark registered in the United States of America.

The Day Before developers weren’t supposed to know about this until 01/19/2023. What is even more surprising is that have not previously filed a trademark application, and the game was announced in January 2019. They are protected by the fact that the trademark was free before the announcement of the game, but the question of why they did not register earlier is no longer answered. Lee Sung Jae submitted the registration form in June 2019, five months after the game was announced.

Fnastic and Mytona believe they will resolve the trademark issue in the near future. Until then, they are fully focused on playing and providing the best possible experience. Promised gameplay footage will be posted later.

Interesting setting of the new date. The Day Before is due out on 10/11/2023 on PC, and later, probably on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. At first glance, this is a struggle for trademark protection. But it’s easy to try to avoid trouble and create a game.

The players are worried about the situation. They indicated earlier that Fnastic studio has not completed its previous projectsfor example, the hacked multiplayer horror Propnight (mixed reviews on Steam) dated 12/01/2021, and publishes heavily edited and short trailers from The Day Before. Maybe from a game that doesn’t even exist yet, which would add another delay. Also, he has this project which copies The Division from Ubisoft and The Last of Us from Sonyto use as advertisement for your continent app.

According to Fnatic, The Day Before has been in development for over four years. Although earlier there were reports on the Internet that it was being created by free volunteers, which caused an additional outcry. Some have also pointed out that short trailers show slightly altered assets from other games.

In conclusion, The Day Before is an MMO survival game that will take you into an open world of deadly, post-pandemic America flooded with masses of hungry infected and survivorswho kill each other for food. In this chaotic world, you will try to survive, look for food and resources, as well as weapons.

Source :Indian TV

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