The head of WoW Classic leaves Blizzard

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Department head World of Warcraft Classic – Brian Birmingham – Decided to leave Blizzard Studios due to a forced employee appraisal policy.

Blizzard Entertainment introduced an employee appraisal process back in 2021. Here, employees are ranked along a curve and high-ranking employees must give a low rating to a certain percentage of employees. A bad rating can affect pay and future promotions.

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This “forced” policy did not please Birmingham so much that he decided to leave his leadership position and shared the situation in the company. news portal Bloomberg.

Brian Birmingham, disillusioned with this policy of Blizzard bosses, noted that such a policy is harmful to the workplace, creates frustration, competition between employees and encourages sabotage of each other’s work. Ultimately, rankings should undermine trust and undermine creativity..

former manager WoW Classic he also wrote that he refused to work for Blizzard until the company removed the policy. He also believes that Blizzard is suffering because of Activision Blizzard, which he called a troubled parent company.

A Blizzard spokesperson has previously stated that the employee appraisal system was designed to reward “excellent performance” and “ensure employees who perform poorly receive fair feedback.”

Source :Indian TV

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