The war in Ukraine will affect the history of the new Metro

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Although a significant part of the creators of the Metro game from the 4A Games studio are now based in Malta, let’s not forget that this was originally a Ukrainian studio, which is still based in Kyiv. Thus, it is one of the many companies that have been hit hard by the war in Ukraine.. While other companies, including the creators of the shooter STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl from GSC Game World, were very active in public even after the start of the war, we haven’t heard much about 4A Games.

However, the developers have now released a comprehensive statement outlining their situation, how they have been affected and how the ongoing war is still affecting them. This is what 4A Games management says many workers lost their homes, others were injured or even killedOf course, there were also cases when developers signed up for the army or otherwise helped defend Ukraine from Russian terror.

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The studio tries to offer help and support in all available ways., and thus, for example, provides financial and logistical assistance to a team based in Ukraine. It also supports employees who defend their country, help with supplies and food delivery, or simply try to continue working on educational projects in some way and keep Ukraine itself and its economy alive.

Although the lives of many creators are now very difficult or in direct danger, in a new statement they swear that they intend to keep working hard and hardso the plans that we were introduced to in 2020 are not changing yet. This means, first of all, that 4A Games continues to develop a new game from the Metro series.. While it’s too early to share specific details, developers say the next Metro has changed for the better. The current situation made them reconsider what the game’s story should actually be about.

The creators have come to terms with the fact that the central themes of the series, including conflict, power, politics, tyranny or repression, are now a daily part of their lives, so they intend to use them and bring them to the game.. At the same time, the studio draws attention to the fact that, although it has always tried to entertain and involve us in the post-apocalyptic world, the Metro series has always carried a strong political and anti-war message.

You won’t read about it in the report, but if you doubt these words, take a look at the Metro 2035 book from the original author Metro, Writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. The third part of his book trilogy, set in the tunnels of the Moscow metro, is more than anything else a kind of analogy to life in contemporary Russia. And in other titles under which Glukhovsky is signed and on which games from 4A Games often relied, there is no shortage of political themes. No wonder the Russian pastoralists issued an arrest warrant for the writer, who is also quite popular with us, shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine.

But the developers also emphasize that the employees who work in Ukraine and in the Kyiv studio are involved in the creation of the new Metro in the most exceptional and terrible conditions. The idea of ​​what is normal for them has changed significantly, while life during martial law necessarily affects the product that 4A Games is preparing. Of course, all this is also one of the reasons why the new Metro cannot be fully revealed yet.

But instead, the studio revealed to us something else, and a very pleasant one. surprise in the form of full modding support Metro Exodus on PC. So if you’ve always dreamed of contributing to the world of Metro with a mod, just install the original Metro Exodus 2019 or later right now. Metro Exodus Expanded Edition as well as the recently released Exodus SDK.

Exodus SDK includes a full-fledged editor in the form in which it was at the time of the release of Metra Exodus, offering, for example, the ability to create standalone content that can be run with a base executable. There is also a visual script editor, server integration for easy sharing of all creations, documentation and several tutorial levels. Using all the tools, you can even dissect in all directions the finished and finished sandbox level of the game that the creators have made available.

So it’s not just about basic modding support, it’s also about anything used by 4A Games designers, artists or animators in the development of Metra Exodus. Just keep in mind, as usual, that you can’t use the mods for commercial purposes, and you can’t ask for money to access them, or in any way sell anything created with the new tools available. Developers warn that this should be something for the community, not an excuse to delve into the legality of game engine licensing..

The studio also reminded us that technically speaking, the Metra Exodus engine is a technology that started to emerge in 2005.and in subsequent years, which brought us gaming Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, Metro Redux and of course Metro Exodus, of course, received many modifications and improvements. They say it’s not perfect yet, but 4A Games is working on the engine every day. So let’s hope that the position of the authors will improve as soon as possible and that we will see the results of all this work, not only thanks to the new Metro, but also due to fan-made modifications.

Source :Indian TV

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