Download shooter in GTA 2 style for free

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From the very beginning, Geneshift was a game inspired by the iconic GTA 2. Its path through early access was difficult, which eventually led the creators to transform it to the point that it was even given a new name. Gene Shift Auto offers players much more than its original release. Individual developer Ben Johnson describes the transformation as follows: “When the game launched as Geneshift, it didn’t have cops, missions, mega maps, skill upgrades, vendors, or even a BR game mode! We’re playing a completely different game, more like a sequel, and the new title will help to let all the old fans know how much has changed.

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Why Gene Shift Auto will be available for free after years of work that Johnson has put into it, comments like this: “This transition to F2P will attract many more players to our community. We’ll have fuller servers, more discord members, and you’ll be able to invite your friends to play for free!The game was originally available for $15 and was a cross between GTA 2 and Soldat. However, his journey took a good five years, during which he developed into a fast-paced battle royale with roguelike progression.

If you don’t like the battle royale format and want more of the GTA 2 format, there’s nothing stopping you from getting the Gene Shift Auto Deluxe Edition, which has a story to it. The basic version is available for free starting today, so there’s nothing stopping you from experiencing what it’s like to work as a single developer driven by incredible passion.

Source :Indian TV

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