HW Test: Panasonic TX-42LZ980E Gaming TV

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While LCD technology still dominates monitors, the much more advanced OLED, which is also often used in mobile phones, almost dominates TVs. In today’s review, we’re going to take a look at one OLED TV, namely Panasonic’s TX-42LZ980E.

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  • Panel: OLED
  • Difference: 3840×2160
  • Update frequency: 120 Hz
  • Diagonal: 42 inches (106 cm)
  • Total weight: 17.5 kg
  • HDR: Yes (HDR10+)
  • HDMI 2.1: 2x
  • Price: 38,990 CZK (official website)

Game ready: 4K, 120Hz and VRR

It’s a 42-inch thing that’s about the size of smaller screens, so in addition to playing on console, you could potentially use it on PC as well. However, it is the current generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) that will get the most out of this TV.

Among the four HDMI ports, you’ll find two in version 2.1 that also support 120Hz refresh rates at 4K resolution, just like the TV itself. It is suitable not only for higher frame rate options, but also for 40 FPS modes in games that are becoming quite popular. We will find them, for example, in A Plague Tale: Requiem, God of War Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West.

In case of unstable frame rates, you will also definitely appreciate the VRR technology, which eliminates screen tearing and helps to improve the smoothness of the image. Like 120Hz support, variable refresh rates are a novelty that games on newer consoles are using quite a bit, which is great because VRR can improve the gaming experience more than meets the eye. If you want to use your TV with a PC or Xbox, you might also want to consider supporting AMD Freesync Premium technology, which is basically similar to VRR, which has become almost a standard in the PC world.

OLED technology

The main advantage of the TV is, of course, the OLED technology mentioned at the beginning, which, above all, provides excellent contrast and true blacks. Overall, the TV has really beautiful colors, especially with HDR enabled, which works great, this model is HDR10+ certified. The screen is also high brightness and dimmable enough that there is no problem in bright or slightly darker environments.

If the basic settings do not suit you, you can also adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and others mentioned earlier. In case you want to choose a faster way, the TV has several preset modes, including a game mode, and switching between them is very fast.

I also have to appreciate the excellent viewing angles and relatively reliable built-in speakers that can be used without any problems. For the best experience, of course, I recommend purchasing separate cases or headphones.

But of course, you can do other things on your TV besides playing. A number of preinstalled apps are available, most notably Netflix or YouTube. The user interface is nice and there are really a lot of options on the controller to quickly switch between content.

Summing up, we can say that the Panasonic TX-42LZ980E offers everything that should be in a modern TV. If you’re looking for something new to use with current generation consoles, this is the perfect choice.

Source : Zing

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