You can play Heroes of Might and Magic III The Board Game in Czech

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The Heroes of Might and Magic III The Board Game Kickstarter campaign is pretty exciting. The game is based on an incredible wave of nostalgia and longing for the legendary work that helped it collect more than 61.2 million crowns from sixteen thousand people, so the creators have to add one goal after another. The enthusiastic community is still betting, and it’s quite possible that the authors will manage to win the maximum amount of 73.53 million needed for the Super Stretch Goal in the final.

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One of the elements that the community opened up with great interest was the new tower city, or a varied set of neutral pieces that would come across during the game and show them what a cubit is. In addition to a number of elements, Spanish and Czech localizations have also been added, thanks to which even some players who do not speak a foreign language will be able to enjoy this game. The Heroes of Might and Magic III The Board Game campaign kicks off in just a few days, so if you want to join in the victory, you have until November 28th.

Source :Indian TV

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