Postal devs pissing on their “own” tombstone

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Studio Running with scissors he celebrates the final death of his game in a somewhat controversial manner. Postal III happened due to problems with DRM the protection was removed from Steam, and the developers in response posted on Twitter an image with the game’s tombstone and the text Rest In Piss. Although the pronunciation is similar to the more classic “Rest in Peace”, a free translation instead of “Rest in Peace” is: “Rest in the Piss”.


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The Postal series itself is primarily known around the world for its vulgarity and unconventional levels of violence, serving as a primary source of entertainment. Despite a lot of controversy, the second part of this series is still considered very successful, but the studio was never able to fully develop its former glory.

Postal 3 has been considered a very poor game since its release, mainly from a technical standpoint. The “rather negative” rating that Steam still gives the game to this day is still a huge understatement. At the time of release, the game was already collecting ratings from 1-3/10.

In defense of the developers, it should be added that not only Running With Scissors took the game for granted. Development and release of Postal 3 were outsourced to a Russian company Akella and Running With Scissors parted ways with the publisher shortly after release and vowed to make the next game themselves.

In an interview with The Life Critics in 2013, the head of the studio vince desi said: “Some deals work, some don’t. Postal 3 died for many reasons. The worst thing was that we lost control of the project, which was the start of this bullshit carousel.”.


Akella went bankrupt in 2012, so no one has a chance to fix the game today because Running With Scissors doesn’t have access to the source code or the Postal 3 website (of course they have their own problems with Postal 4 and so they have enough). There is nothing left but to have fun with the user reviews posted to this day.

Source :Indian TV

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