Postal 3 creators urge players to pirate their work

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Postal 3 is one of those games that, on release day, could be called unfinished without much thought. Its first release on Steam was accompanied by such serious problems that in 2012 it was finally removed from sale. However, the journey of the third part of the scandalous brand did not end there. On the contrary, it was only the beginning.

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At the end of 2021, it returned to Steam again, where it was published by the Russian company Akella, who collaborated with the creators of the Postal series, the developer studio Running With Scissors, to create it. However, there was a DRM issue that was severe enough to render Postal 3 virtually unplayable upon purchase. And it was this fact that led to the fact that this work was again removed from the Steam offer.

The creators themselves, when asked if they are ready to remake the game for the sake of the community, answer this way: “No, we’re fine. Games are expensive and we wouldn’t want to repeat this terrible moment in time.They even celebrate the withdrawal of their work from sale. And to top it all off, they released a statement practically urging the community to download Postal 3 for free.

Source :Indian TV

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