What happens after Batman’s death in Gotham City?

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The article was created as part of a paid collaboration with Cenega Czech: Gotham Knights is a role-playing game set in the famous world of DC comics. Studio WB Games Montréal, who created Batman: Arkham Originsprepared for the players a different version of the city and the characters that protect or terrorize it.

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The plot of the game begins dramatically. Batman is deadGotham City is rapidly descending into chaos, the streets are swarming with criminals, and new heroes must take the stage to save the city and lead it out of its darkest chapter in history.

To be successful, they must Bat Girl, Nightwing, red Riding Hood as well as Robin Discover your own version of the Dark Knight and take on some of the most famous villains like Mr. Freeze, who covered Gotham City in ice.

Our heroes take refuge in call. Here they have to solve mysteries and watch the dark streets of five different districts of the city. As the game progresses, they will develop signature heroic combat moves, expand their arsenal of weapons and equipment, and be able to better use iconic batcycle.


Batgirl, also known as Barbara Gordon, is a determined fighter and skilled hacker. Like daughter late Gotham Commissioner Jim Gordon, she helped Batman in the past as the Oracle. Now, after years of recovery and preparation, she is ready to step into her new role, wielding batons and using her kickboxing, capoeira and jiu-jitsu training.

Nightwing is Dick Grayson first robin, who was Batman’s protégé before he became a hero. He is a born leader, the oldest and wisest member of the Batman family. Nightwing’s mastery of acrobatics is complemented by the skillful use of his signature Escrima wands, allowing him to destroy enemies.

The Red Hood, formerly known as Jason Todd, is assertive and fickle. antihero. The Red Hood finds it difficult to contain his anger, but he will not hesitate to step into the line of fire when a friend is in danger. His training gave him incredible human strength and knowledge in many fighting techniques with all types of weapons – traditional and cutting edge.

Robin as Tim Drake, a young child prodigy and team genius, a master of deductive reasoning. As a true follower of Batman’s legacy, he is driven by the belief that Gotham City needs protection and hopes to become that type. personified hero batman. As a fighter, he is armed with a three-pronged staff and wields various stealth techniques. Robin also has a background in combined war psychology and behavioral sciences.

Between these four characters, you can switch and choose someone else for every challenge that awaits you in the open world of Gotham City.

The combat is arcade-style, sometimes easier, sometimes harder, and the enemy’s experience level matches yours to avoid unnecessary frustration. They’re geared towards slightly slower firefights than we’re used to, such as those from the popular Batman: Arkham series, but still offer plenty of tactical options and skill trees to determine which direction you want to focus on. Especially in combination with two-player co-op, which tests each of the players how they can play with their character and how the players can help each other.

The new Defenders of Gotham arrived on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S this October.

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