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Hideki Kamiyahead of development department, recently released Bayonetta 3 with included twitter clarified the plot of the game. Almost in passing, he mentioned the fourth part, the planned development of which he thus unceremoniously confirmed.

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“I thought there was nothing unexpected about it… but it looks like we didn’t deliver the last part of Bayo 3 to someone quite right,” he wrote about the end of the third part, “I think Bayo 4 will bring an unexpected development for everyone. . After all, when Bayo 4 comes out, there will definitely be people who will say You added that after the fact. So I will say it now…”

This is not surprising, since the already mentioned ending was tempting for a potential sequel. tripletsbut it is clear from Kamijou’s words that PlatinumGames they have Bayonetta 4 definitely in the plan. Kamiya had previously expressed confidence that Bayonetta would be able to see as many as nine games.

We recently wrote that Bayonetta 3 was originally supposed to be developed as a semi-open world, which should have caused a release delay.

Source :Indian TV

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