The legendary Xbox 360 controller returns

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Together with the Xbox 360 console, Microsoft also released an official controller 17 years ago, which was primarily intended for this platform. However, thanks to solid processing and generally positive reviews, the Xbox 360 controller soon it appeared on the PC.where for a long time it was the obvious choice for players who did not trust the often poor quality drivers of other companies.

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If you also liked this gamepad at one time, then we have good news for you. Hyperkin in collaboration with Microsoft she announcedthat he will start releasing this gamepad again. The product will have microsoft official license, so it doesn’t have to be some cheap copy. After all, some time ago, Hyperkin brought to market a new version of the controller for the original Xbox.

It’s essentially a replica of the original controller, so you should be getting a nearly identical seventeen year old product in terms of individual button placement and handling of the product itself. Hyperskin, which has named its new gamepad Xenon, warns that it will manufacture only wired controller versionwhich can be a hindrance for some players these days.

On the contrary, it pleases list of supported devices, among which, in addition to the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One consoles, we also find the PC. Several color options should be available. We don’t know a release date or price yet. There is still a question mark about the possible availability of this device in the Czech Republic.

Source : Zing

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