The head of PlayStation was in Brussels to voice his concerns

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Yesterday we learned that Microsoft commission European Union submitted a takeover offer Activision Blizzard. European Competition Authority as a preliminary deadline for approving the acquisition in value $68.7 billion installed on 11/8 of this year. By that time, the acquisition must be approved or a decision must be made on a second, more detailed stage of the investigation.

The aim of the European Commission is to determine whether the merger will limit competition in the market, for example by creating dominant companies that can raise prices for consumers. Yes, in the case of Microsoft, which has a good Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscription, these concerns do not make much sense. However, they are already signs of a second phase of the investigation, which will deepen.

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The acquisition is being scrutinized by regulators around the world due to antitrust considerations. The British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched an in-depth investigation in early September. Meanwhile, the US Federal Trade Commission is under review.

The head of rival PlayStation became the most outspoken critic of the most expensive acquisition in history. Jim Ryan, according to Dealreporter’s sources, was in Brussels in person in early September to express concerns about Microsoft’s expansion at EU headquarters. Previously, Ryan publicly expressed concern about the deal for the release of future parts of Call of Duty. Each part is another bestseller on PlayStation consoles..

The same source claims that he also talked about Microsoft’s latest EU purchase. Google representative. Even he had to express some concerns. Unfortunately, more detailed information is not available.

Phil Spencer, Head of Microsoft’s Gaming Division dispelled fears competition with the fact that on the day of release, Call of Duty will be available on the PlayStation, as well as on other platforms, and it will be the same version. But Sony does not like this proposal. According to Ryan, Microsoft only intends to keep Call of Duty on the PlayStation for three years after the current deal between Activision and Sony ends. Ryan tagged the suggestion as inadequate in many waysaccording to him, did not take into account the impact on PlayStation players.

In mid-September, a Microsoft spokesperson responded to UK Eurogamer stating that withdrawing PlayStation from Call of Duty makes no sense from a business standpoint. Microsoft considers Sony the market leader. According to the giant from Redmond, the PlayStation has a dominant position in the market. This statement may be based, among other things, on sales of previous generation consoles. PlayStation 4 sold twice as much as Xbox One.


The biggest sticking point for Sony seems to be the Game Pass service. The concern is likely due to the fact that the inclusion of games from Activision Blizzard in the subscription may influence the decision of some players to buy a console. They could have opted for Xbox over PlayStation due to Call of Duty on the day of release at a bargain subscription.

Sony does not consider it appropriate to launch big games on the day of subscription. According to her, such a game does not pay off. Especially in the face of rising costs. And when Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard, Call of Duty and other games will be available with Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox consoles, and on PlayStation they will be sold at full price ($70 per euro).

Head of PlayStation Indies Shuhei Yoshida spoke with the editors of Games Industry at the end of September. He stated that v Sony believes in a premium version of the game at launch. Rather, they are experimenting with the PlayStation Plus service in the company and sees new PS Plus tiers as an additional source of revenue later in the game’s life cycle.. Exceptions to the rule are multiplayer-focused games like Rocket League and Fall Guys to quickly build a community.

“Perhaps in six months, three months or three years, when sales of the game are declining, inclusion on PS Plus Extra could help introduce these games to a new, wider audience.” Yoshida explained. And when players like an old game, I can buy DLC or sequels and make more money.

Source :Indian TV

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