CS:GO: Player still crashes and wins clutches and matches

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an extremely high offer unusual happened during 2022 IESF Women’s World Esports Championship on the inside Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). one of the players locked during the game and even then to win Only roundjust like competition.


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A strange match took place in the game between France and the Czech Republic, where the score was 15-7 in the Hell of France. For example, the French held the map because of the planted C4, as counter-terror only controlled Famas, a 3 to 4 numerical advantage, and also combat superiority.

Despite the complicated situation, the Czechs managed the recovery very well, the inequalities returned and leveled the conditions for 1 against 1. What they did not know was that Julie, the only remaining player from France, was locked in the bell tower while C4 was placed on site B.

Having already cleared the entire bomb site, CT hoped their opponents would come out of the woodwork. So he neutralized the fake and targeted the only place possible. Confused because the terrorist didn’t come, C4 lost his timing and the bomb went off.

Julie from France wins the clutch and the map crashes completely and on the other side of the map. See the offer below:

The actor said: “Winning a 16th place cover without a canvas? I can teach you for a few dollars! ‘ joked the actor.

In addition to Inferno, the two teams also faced each other in Dust 2 and the victory again went to France – 16-14.

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