LEGO Brawls releases teaser trailer on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

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LEGO Fights you are a funny star lunch promotion confirm game availability PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Initially, the brawler made its time-specific debut on the Apple Arcade platform.

We tried LEGO Brawls in its new incarnation, once again appreciated. simple and instant gameplaythe progression system and of course the implications for the LEGO world.

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this video it highlights exactly these aspects, from the humor inherent in bonding based on plastic bricks, to multiple options for customizing fighters just like real minifigures.

Of course, a thickness Super Smash Bros. It’s not within the reach of LEGO Brawls, but the experience that the game, produced by Bandai Namco, puts on the table will thrill users looking for simple and colorful fun.

Source: Multiplayer

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