Save football in Soccer Story

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Yesterday, No More Robots unveiled PanicBarn’s upcoming work titled History of football.

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However, this is not just another football simulator, as you might guess from the name of the game, but approximately pixel adventure RPG, which takes place in a world where football is completely banned. But now there is hope, as the magic kicker has chosen you to save football and restore peace and harmony throughout the world.

So you can look forward to exploration of locations, funny characters, various quests and one-on-one fights in various sporting eventsassociated with your kicker. However, people with friends will also enjoy local multiplayer for up to four players. Unfortunately it won’t be available online.

The game is aimed at PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia and Game Pass.

Release still needs to happen this yearwhen you can sign up for the PC beta on the official website.

Source : Zing

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