Diablo Immortal earns a million dollars a day!

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Perhaps only a tarnished reputation can bother Blizzard’s management when subjected to harsh criticism Diablo the Immortal earns an average of more than a million dollars a day on mobile versions. This is stated by the AppMagic server, which regularly collects information from Google Play and the App Store.

A million dollars a day from microtransactions should have been the average in June. The monthly total should be $48,988,970. Add to that over 10 million downloads and we wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard wants to achieve the same success for their other established brands. A mobile title was recently introduced Warcraft Arclight Rumble.

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In mid-June, AppMagic’s revenue was $24 million. Thus, income doubled.

For comparison, a shooter in the royal battle genre. Apex Legends for mobile Electronic Arts made $11.6 million from 21.8 million downloads in its first month.

So we can say that Apex Legends is more popular than Diablo Immortal, but players of the latter game are willing to pay more.

Even more interesting, in Diablo Immortal, the greatest emphasis is on paying after the completion of the story, in the so-called endgame, which is unlocked after about 20 hours of gameplay.

This is a bitter pill for the haters of Diablo Immortal.

Over the weekend, a new boss appeared in the game, but it did not bring much joy to the players.

Source :Indian TV

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