Deadpool offers a crossover with God of War for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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deadpool recently become its spokesperson Marvel’s Midnight SunsStrategic gameplay from Firaxis and 2K. The character “takes control” of the game’s Twitter account and is clamoring to be added to the game with its usual hilarious tone and a chance to break the fourth wall. He’s also looking for a second-place sidekick in quests, and he shows up in the middle of it all. God of War.

More specifically, Cory Barlog of SIE Santa Monica Studio suggested himself as Deadpool’s sidekick via Twitter, noting that he has an ax to fight. In response to the God of War (2018) director, the Deadpool and Midnight Suns account created a small account. cross image where a Barlog / Kratos cuts Deadpool’s weapons with his ax.

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We don’t know if it’s a simple swap that the game account advertises, or if it’s all organized by Santa Monica and Firaxis, but in any case it’s a small Switching between God of War and Marvel’s Midnight Suns Painting is fun.

Also, a Deadpool / Midnight Suns tweet word game: Instead of typing “we’re going to kick some ass”, he says “we’re going to kick an ax”. It doesn’t work in Italian, but it’s a game where the words “ass” and “ax” are similar in English.

Deadpool’s presence in Marvel’s Midnight Suns has yet to be confirmed, but considering the insistence on the character we believe it’s just a matter of time. The team also released a special trailer.

Source: Multiplayer

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