Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, 26 minutes of gameplay footage taken from the PS5 demo

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IGN posted video from Gameplay from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty taken from PS5 demo. The movie, which is about 26 minutes long, shows several fights for the new Team Ninja title.

PS5 and Xbox Series X until September 26 | The demo of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, available on S, gives you a pretty definitive idea of ​​the experience developed by the authors of Nioh, which for now looks really interesting and promising. .

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In fact, it is possible to see how it is in the series. war systemmaneuvers, inventory management, upgrades, variety of enemies and attack patterns available to the hero.

Set in China in 184, towards the end of the Han dynasty, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will pit us against soldiers as well as demons belonging to a group that aims to destroy the Yellow Turbans movement.

Game release, PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | Set for Q1 2023 on S and Xbox One versions. More details in our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty essay.

Source: Multiplayer

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