FIFA 23 Crossplay Gets Criticism From Pro Club Fans: ‘EA Doesn’t Care About Us’

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FIFA 23 Crossplay Gets Criticism From Pro Club Fans: ‘EA Doesn’t Care About Us’

This game mode is currently excluded from the new cross-play due to technical issues.

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Presenting the covers of the video game a few days later, EA Sports finally let us see the first trailer for FIFA 23 and a wide range of news yesterday. Among them, too much emphasis was placed on extended crossplay for the simulator. It will be enabled for a significant number of game modes, but since the North American firm they’ve left Club Pro out and caused a stir on social networks.

Pro Clubs is an online social mode of FIFA Where does this lead to matches, allowing video game users to create a virtual Pro player to play with on the field with friends? Up to 22 users can enter. Over the years and forum-goers will know this, different online entertainment groups have been formed waiting about a new cross-play system to go beyond their usual platform with siren songs.

Again complexity of integrating this system has given up on incorporating EA Sports, without providing sufficient guarantees of quality. However, in a public statement via the football simulator’s website, company listens to community feedbackso it seems obvious that the developers will continue to work on fixing this.

Despite this, the message did not inspire confidence in the fan community, who launched the #SaveProClubs campaign through VFL, a website dedicated solely to this game mode. According to the organizers, Pro Club users don’t matter to EA Sportsthe latter focused more on continuing to fine-tune Ultimate Team, which has been an inexhaustible source of income since its inception.

Overcoming this lack of crossplay, EA Sports assured in a letter yesterday that it will be working on other innovations for Pro Clubs. We’ll have to wait a few weeks until August 8 to get to know them. FIFA 23 will be available on September 30 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Stadia. They will once again bet on a Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch from the American company.

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