Stray is out this summer on PS5

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Stray is out this summer on PS5

It looks like Stray’s release date has been updated to Summer 2022.

Stray was announced during the PlayStation Future of Gaming event in 2020. Since then, the 2021 gameplay trailer gave the game a 2022 release window, but nothing else has surfaced. Now, it looks like Stray will be releasing this summer after quietly posting a video posted to Twitter.

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The Tramp player controls a little ginger cat in a world ruled by robots. The cat solves puzzles and explores the world as it attempts to return to the family, accompanied by a small companion drone.

There’s a unique perspective you can get as a stray cat in a strange town built for robot dwellers. Navigate neon-filled streets, dirty streets, tiny hideouts big enough to hold an angry little body. Players will no doubt look forward to the types of puzzles and encounters they encounter.

As the game’s website says, “Rise and fall, defend against unforeseen dangers, and unravel the mysteries of this unscrupulous place inhabited by useless druids and dangerous creatures.”

Stray will be released this summer on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.

Source : dbl tap

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