Dragonflight’s new content update, Seeds of Renewal, is now available.

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Seeds of Renewalnew content update Dragon family, is now available to players. In this update, after saving the new World Tree from Firakk’s attacks in the Emerald Dream, dragonflights and champions prepare to rebuild their homes, put aside their differences, and renew the bonds between the mortal races. Check out the latest World of Warcraft update seeds:

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Seeds of Renewal

Dragoncraft is available in all flyable zones of Azeroth. All current dragons can now be used outside of the Dragon Islands at a maximum speed of 80%; Players can now prepare for the next competition this month as the Terralem Cup will be available for a limited time.

Discover the history of the Dragon Isles in the Azerothian Archives. In this public event, players will be able to learn the history of the Dragon Isles, meet new characters, hear ancient stories, and earn fantastic rewards, including transmog sets, pets, and mounts.

Renewal seeds
Seeds of Renewal

Restore Bel’ameth, the new capital of the night elves. In the Kaldorei language, Bel’ameth means “hands of the goddess,” and this new quest center is a place of hope for the night elves to take root among the inhabitants of the new World Tree, Amirdrassil.

Bring back Gilneas Players can help King Greymane in his new mission scenario as he prepares his battalions to retake the lands of Gilneas occupied by a new but familiar enemy.

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New Feature: Follower Dungeons Players who want to explore Dragonflight dungeons, explore new features, or just take some time out can enter one of the eight dungeons in Normal mode and fight alongside other NPCs in this new 4-player mode.

And more: Players can also expect new campaign missions, new settings for draenei and trolls, and additional settings for the Witcher’s assistants. To learn more about Upgrade Seeds, visit the World of Warcraft website.

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