HAWKED Early Access: Start playing November 30th.

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Developer and distributor MY.GAMES announced today (21) that YASOKOVY is coming out in Early Access after a great open beta on PC and cross-play. November 30th, YASOKOVYwill be available on PC via the MY.GAMES launcher and via Steam. The console version of the game is scheduled for release in early 2024. Players wishing to join the treasure hunting party can register for the “Renegade Race”, in which registered players will be rewarded as more people register.

Early Access marks a new stage for this ambitious third-person shooter and adventure game as we work towards its full release. Andy Duthie, executive producer YASOKOVYexplained the choice of early access:

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When we created HAWKED, we wanted to have an open and interactive development process, putting community input at the center. Following positive feedback and great results in our open beta, we believe early access is an important step towards launch. We want to keep working on making HAWKED a fun shooter/mining game on the market until the full version is released, and we’re excited for our players to be a part of that.

And to encourage participation in Early Access, MY.GAMES is launching a Forsaken Run campaign where players who register during the run will receive rewards and the chance to win special prizes, including a lifetime supply of Premium Coins. The more people sign up, the better the rewards for the entire group. Players may be renegades, but working together has its benefits. More information about the Forsaken Race can be found on the website, but everyone who takes part in the Forsaken Race will receive 7 days of our premium GRAIL+ subscription in addition to all rewards unlocked during the campaign.

YASOKOVY is a shooter and mining game in which single players and teams of up to three players compete to rescue and retrieve artifacts from a remote island called X-Island. Players (known as the Forsaken) compete with each other to obtain and protect Artifacts, which can only be achieved by fighting monsters and other players, solving puzzles, and avoiding traps.

The first team to retrieve Artifacts from the island wins the session. To make each session rewarding, players can also loot small treasures and leave the island (dead or alive) with useful coins that they can use to upgrade their characters.

Dirty Brig

Collect weapons and ammo to fight other players and monsters in PvPvE battles across the island. Use your surroundings to your advantage and use unexpected tactics to gain an advantage over your opponents. Ambush while other players solve puzzles, use tombs full of traps to lure other teams into defeat, and when it comes to Artifacts, no trick or tactic is spared.

Customize your Renegade

HAWKED offers extensive character customization. With a variety of outfits, hairstyles, and colors available for customization, players can combine artifacts, gear, and upgrades to create a treasure hunter that best suits their playstyle.

Artifacts can be equipped as soon as they are found on the island. They offer passive bonuses, such as the ability to disguise yourself as a bush when crouching or a sixth sense for nearby enemies. There are currently 18 types of artifacts in HAWKED. Players can fuse up to three of them at a time, and all Artifacts can be found and upgraded at different rarity levels.

Players can combine them with 16 types of equipment such as boomerangs, cloaks, scout hawks and more, offering a variety of customization options and playstyles. Equipment and artifacts are upgraded using coins collected by selling and/or salvaging treasures in Furafendas, the game’s social space. In HAWKED, players can bring their ideal renegade with them to the island, from sneaky assassins to support-oriented ones.

Developing Island

Players will explore X-Island, a newly discovered location full of treasures that can be plundered. However, the sinister and scaly Disciples have also captured the island and are not going to give it up so easily. X-Island is a huge, dynamic map where players will compete in different parts of the island each season. Their treasures and artifacts are hidden in trap-filled temples and ruins.

Players also need to be smart in solving puzzles to open doors and unlock important treasures. Matches will feature dynamic events, such as a huge caravan of students carrying a saddle full of treasure on its back. You must defeat this boss to get his Artifacts. X-Island will evolve over time with updates, limited-time events, and seasonal releases. More news about the full release of HAWKED will be published soon. The latest news and updates will be published on the official website of the game and on social networks.


MY.GAMES is a European distributor and developer headquartered in Amsterdam, with over a billion registered players worldwide. The company develops games for mobile devices, PC and console platforms. War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, Left to Survive and many other games are produced by MY.GAMES. The company brings together more than a dozen development studios, a team of experts working together around the world.

Source : Married Games

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