Black Desert updates Ulukita with new missions and a third monster zone

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Developer and publisher Pearl Abyss announced today that the desert region of Ulukita in Black Desert Online will be expanded with a third monster zone and new quests about the conflict within the royal family next Wednesday, November 29th. Additionally, starting tomorrow, Pearl Abyss will launch three in-game events with valuable weapons and equipment, power-ups, and various rewards for adventurers to prepare for the update.

And for a limited time, from today until November 28th, Black Desert Online will be 90% off on Steam. The promotion runs on the game website from November 22 to 29. Also check out the revamped Pearl Abyss Store (Beta) to update your look with T-shirts and other items like posters and stuffed animals.

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Black Desert


Welcome to Ulukita! The new zone, called “Darkseekers’ Retreat”, is located in the southern region of Ulukit and is based on the already known zones “City of the Dead” and “Ruins of Tungrad”. The main story of this place revolves around the young prince of Media Barids III, who the adventurers already encountered under less than favorable circumstances in 2015! Players will have to investigate the intrigue between the Prince and the Premier while surviving a fierce fight against the final boss.

In Darkseekers’ Retreat, adventurers can obtain the materials needed to craft the Actor’s Shoes, the last high-tier armor item in Black Desert, followed by the Dead God Armor, Labresque Helm, and Dawn Gloves. Adventurers can choose between two Actor Shoes abilities: damage reduction or evasion.

This new zone is recommended for adventurers with level 310 AP / 420 PD (attack power, defense power) or higher. The main mission has all the dialogue and cutscenes in the same style as in Land of Dawn.

Black Desert updates Ulukita
Black Desert


This update brings new features to PVP, including an ongoing training mode in the Solare arena and 3v3 matchmaking for ranked and practice matches. The new Custom Mode is invite-only and allows players to define their own teams, including the ability to turn off matchmaking. Adventurers can battle each other to hone their fighting skills while earning rewards such as silver and pearls. Arena Solare’s Training and Custom modes will be updated on November 29 and December 6, respectively.


Black Desert adventurers can take advantage of three different holiday events to have fun and earn rewards until December 6th.

Black Desert updates Ulukita
Black Desert
  • Destroy 600 hearts: Until December 6th, adventurers can earn the “Seal of Calpheon’s Challenge” by logging into the game every day for 30-120 minutes in this event before Calpheon’s Banquet. These items can be used to enter the instant lottery for a chance at good rewards. Those who fail to win the lottery can still receive “Calpheon Reward Coins” (100% chance), which can be exchanged for rewards such as J’s Fair Hammer. Players always win something, after all!
  • Thanksgiving Hunt: Players can join this two-week hunt starting November 22nd through December 6th to defeat wild turkeys and earn the Blessing of Abundance and Turkey Feathers boosts. The latter can be exchanged for materials for awakening Legendary Horses with Velia.
  • Collection of stones: During the same two-week period, players can collect Abundance Stones while hunting, gathering, and fishing. Depending on the number of stones accumulated in all regions, adventurers can exchange them for items such as an Ornate Shakatu Chest, 500 Crown Stones, and a chest containing memorable adventure gear.


Pearl Abyss rounds out the news with a limited-time promotion of 90% off the game on both the official page and Steam, as well as adding a new line of clothing and other merchandise to the store update.

The Steam Spring Sale encourages players to download Black Desert Online with a super special discount to get an MMORPG with huge added value.

As for the official store, the updated product line includes new T-shirts and hats, Black Desert plushies, as well as a series of new posters featuring BDO classes and themed Land of Dawn. Shoppers can save 15% on select items during the Grand Sale with purchases made between now and November 30th.

Black Desert is available in more than 150 countries on PC, consoles and mobile devices. For more information, visit the official website and follow us on social media. Chat to us in the comments and let us know how you liked this new feature and take the opportunity to read more news like our list of the best 55-inch TVs that you can enjoy and buy right now on our website.

Source : Married Games

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