Almost two million people have already seen Blue Beetle in cinemas

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Starring Bruna Marchesini and Xolo Maridueña. Blue Beetlesuperhero from DC Comics, has in recent weeks established himself as one of the main characters in Brazilian cinemas, grossing around 2 million people will watch the film on the big screen and gross more than R37 million.

The film is full of stars, and one of the highlights of the film is the character of Uncle Rudy, played by George Lopez, a Mexican-American comedian considered one of his generation.

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The story has comedic and dramatic moments, and Rudy Reyes is the main companion to his nephew Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña), a superhero. Blue beetle.

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“We’re so quick to judge someone by their appearance, and Rudy doesn’t show how smart he is. It seems that many things do not bother him, but this is not so. It has layers. He lives with his mother and sleeps in the living room. These are situations that I have seen with my own eyes. The film touches people because it deals with this and several other topics.

Like graduating from college, coming home and not having many opportunities, being from a low income family that is struggling like so many others. And, of course, it’s wonderful that the family members come together and become heroes of the story too,” says George Lopez about the film, which just completed its release month. Blue Beetle continues to be shown on screens across the country and has versions available. More detailed information can be obtained directly from the cinemas of each city.

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Watch Blue Beetle in theaters

Having recently received his diploma, Jaime Reyes returns home full of expectations for the future, but soon discovers that his home is no longer the same. As he tries to find his purpose in this world, fate intervenes and brings into Jaime’s hands an ancient relic of alien biotechnology – the Scarab. When Scarab chooses Jaime as his symbiotic host, his life changes forever. He receives incredible armor, which gives him extraordinary abilities, and becomes a Superhero. Blue Beetle.

Starring alongside Maridueña (Cobra Kai), Adriana Barraza (Rambo: The End, Thor), Damian Alcazar (Narcos, Narcos Mexico), Elpidia Carrillo (Maya MC, Predator) ). films), Bruna Marchesin (Maldives, God Save the King), Raoul Max Trujillo (Sicario, Maya MC films), with Oscar winner Susan Sarandon (Monarch, Last Steps of the Man) ) and George Lopez (from the Rio and The Smurfs franchises). The film also stars Belissa Escobedo (American Horror Stories, Abracadabra 2) and Harvey Guillen (What We Do in the Shadows). Soto (Charm City Kings, Cannibals) is directing from a script by Gareth Dunnett-Alcocer (Miss Bala), based on DC characters. John Rickard and Zev Forman are producing the film, with Walter Hamada, Galen Weissman and Garrett Grant serving as executive producers.

The behind-the-scenes creative team includes director of photography Pawel Pogorzelski (Sommar, Hereditary), production designer John Billington (Bad Boys for Life), editor Craig Alpert (Deadpool 2, The Lost City). “), Oscar-nominated costume designer Mace S. Rubeo (“Jojo Rabbit,” “Thor” films), visual effects supervisor Calvin McIlwain (“Suicide Squad,” “Aquaman”) and composer Bobby Krlic (“Sunshine” Evil”). Doesn’t wait for the night”, series “Expresso do Ajante”).

Warner Bros. Pictures represents Safran products, Blue Beetle, which runs from August 17, 2023 in cinemas in Brazil. Chat to us in the comments and let us know how you liked this new feature and take the opportunity to read more news like our list of the best 55-inch TVs that you can enjoy and buy right now on our website.

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