One of the earliest dungeons in FFXIV still baffles newcomers and veterans alike.

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With dozens of FFXIV dungeons to complete as you progress through the critically acclaimed MMORPG (and its award-winning expansions), it can be a bit difficult to keep up with every mechanic. Fortunately, most of Final Fantasy 14’s dungeon mechanics are quite generous and won’t punish you too much at the same time. However, one of the first dungeons in A Realm Reborn still kills new and old players frequently, but the good news is that if you go in, it could be because you play too well.

Haukke Manor is the sixth dungeon you will encounter in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. It’s often thought that early dungeons start to pick up a bit with the introduction of some simple but important mechanics to keep in mind. It also has a very cool haunted house setting where you chase and arrest the owner of her, Lady Amandine, who has done all sorts of nefarious acts in a vain attempt to maintain her beauty.

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However, players reach level 50 by revisiting his mysterious mansion. Haukke Manor (Hard) can be accessed after beating the main story of A Realm Reborn and requires you to stop Halicarnassus, the demon that Lady Amandine stopped. This fight isn’t particularly difficult for most, especially in its modern incarnation.

Unfortunately, many groups are almost finished only to suddenly disappear when everyone’s health disappears in an instant. The game isn’t very clear at first as to exactly why this happened, but in reality it’s almost always because your team does too much damage too quickly, which is very easy to do in a modern incarnation of dungeon crawling with the how quickly early players can get stressed. .

Throughout the fight, Halicarnassus spawns several additional enemies, culminating in Lady Amandine herself. Upon reaching a certain health threshold, he will absorb one of his teammates to cast a spell called Rain of Blood, which deals damage based on the amount of health the absorbed enemy has remaining. This means that if you damage her too quickly, Halicarnassus will summon Lady Amandine and consume her almost instantly, meaning almost certain death for your party.

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Haukke Manor (Hard) is not a mandatory dungeon, but it makes an occasional appearance at the roulette tables and personally remains one of my favorites aesthetically. However, it’s a weird mechanic that can often surprise players, and it’s still a problem today despite Endwalker’s recent tweaks for older ARR dungeons.

Success usually comes at the expense of a smart player explaining in chat that everyone should refrain from dealing damage and allow additional mobs to spawn so players can safely destroy them one by one before proceeding to attack the other mobs. Halicarnassus. Alternatively, if you have one, breaking the tank’s cap in time may be enough to keep you from dying in a pinch, but as a recent post on FFXIV Reddit shows, your healer will still need to be fast to out-health everyone. save later

If you want a funnier backstory for Haukke Manor, did you know that it actually has a misnomer in English? The original Japanese title “Hauketa Goyoutei” should be translated as “Hauketa Manor”, but Square Enix’s Michael-Christopher Koji Fox explains to producer Naoki Yoshida during a live broadcast that the name was mistranslated during development and nobody knows. so busy before the legendary game reset.

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However, at least now you can explore it without dying. While you wait for your turn at the roulette table, experience everything featured in Live Letter 76’s FFXIV 6.4 patch, or learn how to survive the deep FFXIV Eureka Orthos dungeon and turn your FFXIV island hideaway into a thriving vacation paradise.

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