A Destiny 2 weapon keeps showing up in cutscenes, and now we know why

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A Destiny 2 weapon called the Khvostov 7G-02 appeared in the Lightfall cutscenes, leaving players wondering why this weapon that players get at the start of the New Light FPS campaign seems to appear for no good reason. This has led some players to suspect that it could return as an exotic weapon, but Bungie hints that won’t happen. In a recent post as part of the Destiny 2 team’s This Week at Bungie blog series, cinematographer James Meyers explained why these weapons appear seemingly by accident.

Meyers explains that the specific installment of the story made the player reluctant to aim a weapon. If implemented, it would require special animations that are normally required for cutscenes. Because some weapons can generate “dumber results” in real-time cutscenes, Meyers suggested a “default weapon” that the team could use in cases where the team might need something specific. He suggested Tails because it’s the first weapon every Guardian gets in the New Light campaign and, in a way, it’s one of the few weapons every player has encountered at least once in a multiplayer game.

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However, Lightfall introduced several visual glitches to the team, especially with less standard animation formats such as glaives and bows. The animation team was “stretched” on the final videos, and a new set of animations would have been worth the precious time.

“For this reason, we made the decision to use the same default logic in cases where a visual error could negatively affect the level of quality we aim to achieve,” Meyers explains in his post.

In the original Destiny, Tails was also the first weapon players received. In this game, he returned as an Exotic, adding to the excitement that Khvostov could appear as another weapon on the Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic list. However, that does not appear to be the case.

Meyers also notes that some Destiny 2 Season 20 animations reflect The Guardian’s default decision to wear a helmet in public areas, and future animations will continue to acknowledge this where appropriate.

The post also shows how animators need to work on frame rendering to properly frame the scene, showing an example of what players see during an animated scene, as well as the character models and settings that result in this framing.

So while it doesn’t look like Khvostov will return as an Exotic in Lightfall, there are still plenty of other great weapons this season, such as the Destiny 2 Final Warning Exotic sidearm and the Destiny 2 Winterbite Exotic Glaive. .

Source : PC Gamesn

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