LoL 13.6 Tier List: Best League of Legends Champions 2023

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The metachange. LoL Tier List it will fail and your favorite champion may not be in the best position at the moment. While you can win games and rank up with almost any player with a lower ELO, the changes that come with the balance between champions and items can tip the scales so much that certain choices become almost mandatory.

We’ve rounded up a few options for each lane that have become particularly strong in League of Legends of late. Whether it’s for a buff, a set change, or an item change, it’s a sure bet if you’re looking to rank up in a free-to-play PC game. If you want to play something else, consider each of these champions on our LoL tier list for your ban, as they all have the potential to go on and dominate Summoner’s Rift in one of the best MOBAs you can play. at the moment. .

The best LoL champions for Top Lane

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The upper band can sometimes be quite isolated; most of the action during the laning phase tends to take place in the bottom half of Rift, mainly due to the dragons and duo nature of bot lane. This means you want a champion with consistent stamina, mobility, and damage. The top is also a very long row, so having a CC pickaxe included in your kit will make it very easy to punish the enemy for taking the plunge. Here are the best LoL topliners:


After patch 13.1, Jax got a massive increase in playtime. He received a medium upgrade to his kit that added AP scaling and also changed his ult; Jax’s 100% AP scaling and the magic resist and armor build on Jax’s R make it a great all-in-one tool or the perfect way to avoid a gank.

Jax has consistently high damage and can easily stay in lane safely. With a jump and defensive stun in his kit, there isn’t much of a chance for the enemy team to get you as long as you play smart and don’t push without knowing the location of the enemy jungler.

Assembly of the main element: Divine Sunderer > Blade of the Lost King > Spear of Shojin.

LoL Tier List: A formidable warrior clad in shimmering blood-red cloth armor, Darius wields a massive axe.


Eternal threat to the top lane. Darius has long been at the top of the top lane meta, and it’s easy to see why. His team is all about taking out enemies, stacking bleeds from his vehicles and abilities, and finishing off opponents with one satisfying dunk.

Darius not only has overall stack and slow, but also heals by the amount of bleed on his enemy, so being aggressive in lane can pay off if you’re smart with your skirmishes. Taking on a ghost allows you to chase an opponent down a lane that’s too long or avoid an gank, and if you pick Trinity Force as your first item, this brawler’s mobility can compete with just about anyone.

Assembly of the main element: Trinity Force > Death’s Dance > Dead Man’s Plate / Force of Nature (depending on lane opponent)

The other S-tier top lane champions are Gangplank, Kled, and Olaf.

Best LoL Champions for Jungle

The role of the jungler is perhaps the most influential in League of Legends. A good jungler will be able to set the pace of the game for his team – by seizing opportunities in three lanes, capturing objectives, and clearing your jungle camps, you and your team will be strong. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. The jungle is a bit more beginner friendly with emotional support pets, but it can be brutal if you get left behind. Here are the best jungle champions in LoL:

LoL Tier List: A man in golden armor wields a massive spear.

Jarvan IV

If you’re looking for a champion who can deal a lot of damage and deal serious damage to your opponents, Jarvan IV might be the jungler for you. Lots of combat potential with his flag-drag (E>W) combo and ult that completely blocks your enemy means Jarvan IV is a force to be reckoned with.

Assembly of the main element: Bloodsucker > Black Cleaver > Dance of Death

LoL Tier List: A huge man with long hair and a large beard, Udyr wraps his arms around each other's arms, ready to fight.


Since his revamp, Udyr has been at the top of the jungle pecking order due to his incredible survivability and incredible damage output. Strong at the gate, aggressive junglers can use Udyr’s lack of ult to gank lanes at level four with pretty much their entire set available. He increases the damage first, then stacks items to stay relevant in teamfights early on, and eventually becomes nearly unkillable.

Assembly of the main element: Demon’s Embrace > Jak’Sho > Sun Protection

Other S-tier jungle champions: Amumu, Zak, and Eliza.

The best LoL champions for the mid lane

Mid lane champions often damage their team, and as long as they play their lane correctly, they can be the feared threat to the opponent when they enter the late game. The mid lane can be anything from an artillery mage to an explosive assassin, and since it’s the shortest lane in Summer’s Rift, it can be a pretty volatile affair. Damage is generally considered the most important attribute when picking a champion in the mid lane, with CC coming second – you won’t be able to take the opponent down because this lane is so short, so lock or kill them where they are. that is essential

LoL Champions Tier List: A little boy and his giant bear are ready to take on the enemy


One of the oldest League of Legends champions, Annie is great for MOBA beginners. With a simple but effective set up, she can be a threat in the mid lane, especially if you manage to stun her while your jungler attacks. Annie’s burst damage can surprise people, especially when you throw a giant teddy bear on multiple enemies.

Assembly of the main element: Luden’s Storm > Darkflame > Rabadon’s Cap

LoL Tier List: Blue Space Dragon Arms the Galaxies

aurelio sun

Since his revamp, Aurelion Sol has been picked or banned in almost every Summoner’s Rift game. With incredible pushing power due to his fast wave clearing and infinite scaling, Sol is an absolute threat in the late game. In the early game, he can be countered by champions with high mobility and high damage (he thinks Leblanc), but if you get past the laning phase, Rift becomes your control.

Assembly of the main element: Rod of Ages > Seraph’s Embrace > Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

Other mid-tier S champions include Vex, Lux, and Ryze.

The best LoL champions for the bot lane

Bottom lane has been discredited for a few patches now, and Riot is putting a lot of emphasis on top lane and jungle, and because of that, the role of ADC and support is not as important as before. Although they still have potential for scaling and 1v5, working with the game as an ADC is more difficult than before. Patch 13.2 makes some changes to critical items, so the bot lane could make a respawn.

Lol Tier List: Jin, a squashed man, holds his gun up as he waits for his prey.


One of the few ADC champions that should rely on bursts instead of constant damage, Jin, when equipped with Galeforce, has the mobility and lethality to take out all but the most survivable opponents. It’s relatively easy to hit the last few minions in the laning phase, and your dancing grenade does most of the hard work. With the haste you get from critical hits, mobile boots, and active abilities you get from Galeforce, circling the Rift and executing people is the name of the game with Jin.

Assembly of the main element: Galeforce > Collector > Rapid Fire Cannon.

LoL Tier List: The name, a mermaid-like creature, holds her staff, ready to defend her comrades.


Previously, the combination of Nami and Lucian was nearly unstoppable in the bot lane, and their kits matched up all too well. Since then, this strong duo has been nerfed, but Nami is still top of the list if he needs help from an assistant. With healing, movement upgrades, and more control, you can’t go wrong with a fish.

Assembly of the main element: Imperial Order > Chemtech Purifier > Running Water Bar

The other S-tier bot lane champions are Samira, Lux, Amumu, and Heimerdinger.

Now that you have your LoL tier list and know the strongest champions in the current patch, it’s time to get out there and start collecting LP. It’s worth checking out our beginner’s guide on how to play League of Legends if you’re just starting out and if you’re a die-hard Summoner’s Rift it might be time to find out how much you’ve already spent, I hope you will. Don’t be too surprised.

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