Genshin Impact Leak Gives First Look at Baizhu’s Story Quest

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The recent Genshin Impact leak gave us a small taste of what to expect from the Baizhu story quest in the anime game’s version 3.6 update next month. The Doctor has been around since the beginning of the game, giving us our first glimpse of Dendro’s vision of Liyue. He fast forwards two years and he’s on his way to becoming a playable member of the roster.

It appears that some of the leaked screenshots show a single area, which is what players would normally expect from story missions. Several figures appear to be inside the cave, and the type that Dr. Baizhu helps someone in need of help.

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We also see Qiqi and Hu Tao inside what appears to be Bubu’s pharmacy, with the former appearing to be hiding from the latter. It’s a joke, but the character lines and lore tell us that Hu Tao, as the funeral director, tried to force Qiqi out of it because she’s a zombie. So they’re not really best friends.

The 16 leaked images come from well-known Genshin experts Team China, which were posted on Reddit by Genshin Leaks.

We haven’t seen or heard from Baizhu since we first met him in Liyue, but he’s slowly making a comeback in recent previews and the Lantern Rite v3.4 event.

We don’t have any official information on his abilities, but if Baizhu’s leaks are correct, it will be a Dendro Shield playing a supporting role, which is not at all surprising for a Doctor.

Genshin Impact version 3.5 is about to enter its other half, so version 3.6 is still a few weeks away. When it spawns, you can shoot Baizhu with Kaveh and some currently unannounced replays.

Source : PC Gamesn

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