Kirby and the Forgotten Lands: Conquering the Road to Hell

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Confused on your way to Kirby Hell and the Forgotten Lands? We have protected you.

In Redgar Forbidden Lands, you must pass the Conquer Hell stage. This is one of the last stages of the main campaign. This means that it will take some time to complete as it contains dangerous tasks.

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Fortunately, we have prepared a guide to conquering hell.

The Conquer Hell quests are as follows:

For Area 1 missions, you need to steal the first Meaty Meal, rescue the first Hidden Waddle Dee, collect the first figurine, and steal the second Meaty Meal. Then use it to defeat Crash Wild Frosty. In area 2 you have to save the second hidden Woodley Di, capture the second character, capture the third character, save the third hidden Woodley Di and save the fourth hidden Woodley Di.

Finally, you need to build the first, second, and third Windmills for Area 3. Then save Woodley Di’s fifth secret. As soon as that’s done, spin the fourth Windmill, get the fourth figure, and get the Space Ranger Blueprint. Also, don’t forget that there will be collectibles on stage.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now only available on Nintendo Switch.

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