Hogwarts Legacy Spiting Stones Locations

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you will have to find everything Hogwarts Legacy Spiting Stones Locations very early in her journey through the school of witchcraft and wizardry, as Zenobia Noke, “the girl everyone hates”, is stolen and scattered around the school. There are a total of six Spitstones to find, although they can be difficult to reach in a large school like Hogwarts.

There are a number of similar side quests in Hogwarts Legacy, including Daedalian Keys, which are much harder to find because there are so many. We’re here to help though: The open-world game has plenty of collectibles on the Hogwarts Legacy map to keep you entertained in what many call one of the best PC games of 2023. That’s it. Hogwarts Legacy. Spitstone locations for the Gobs of Gobstones quest.

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Where to Find Hogwarts Legacy Gobstone Locations

When you’re done talking to Zenobia Noke in the Defense Against the Dark Arts tower, you can start looking for the Spit Stones. When you find them, use Accio to pick them up, you’ll know you’re close because your character will mention something like keep an eye out for gobball high points. Note that as you follow the mission itself, areas of the minimap that may contain spittoons will be highlighted with a purple circle.

Here are all the Hogwarts Legacy Gobstone locations:

fortune telling class

Fast travel to the location of the guessed hearth flame. Go through the door and up the wooden stairs, then look to the left. You will see Gobstone on wooden beams.

Hogwarts Spitstone Legacy Locations: Divination Tower

divination tower

From the fireplace flame in the Divination classroom, go up the ladder until it goes down so you can go up to the classroom. Instead of climbing on it though, turn around and look at the chandelier – the spindle stone rests in the middle.

Hogwarts Legacy Spitstone Locations: Transfiguration Court

Preobrazhensky Court

Make your way to the flame in the Transfiguration Court hearth, take a few steps forward, and immediately look over the stone passage to your right. Gobstone sits on top.

Hogwarts Legacy Spitting Stones Locations: Ravenclaw Tower Corridor

Ravenclaw Tower Corridor

From Foo Flame Tower Ravenclaw, start walking down the hall on your left. The gobstone is on top of the pillar on the right.

Hogwarts Legacy Gobstone Locations: Trophy Room Corridor

Trophy Room Corridor

Climb the grand staircase to the top and you will find the trophy room. Go down the hall, past the huge troll armor, and to the left, opposite the hearth flame location in the trophy room, is a spit.

Hogwarts Gobstone Legacy Locations: Trophy Room

trophy room

Finally, the last spit stone is found inside the trophy room. Follow the hallway to a locked door, then enter the trophy room on your right. Look to the right again and you’ll find a Spit Stone on a high shelf.

Return to Zenobia Noka and you can return the Spit Stones to her, or keep them for yourself, although they are of little use. You will receive 180 XP for your troubles.

Now that you know where to find all the Spitting Stone locations, make sure you know how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy door number puzzles, as well as how to find the empty paintings, because both of these Hogwarts mysteries need to be solved.

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