Deep in Galaxies: Join the revolutionary roguelike game

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Action-packed Deep in Galaxies – DIG, a roguelike platformer with open-world progression and multiple weapons from developer Molton Studio and publisher Raiser Games, best known for its hit YouTuber’s Life series and critically acclaimed Song of Horror, is coming to PC and Deck Stream via Steam February 16th.

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DIG roguelike gameplay, open world flexibility, and up to four player co-op play make for a deliciously anarchic arcade action game. In it, players will be able to destroy a huge variety of biomes, unlock space events, and complete missions to earn weapons, items, and abilities to complete the in-game encyclopedia created for the finalists, and much more.

Gamers will embark on an intergalactic journey to fight off the evil Overlord and his tyrannical empire, alone or with friends. In the game, players will have to choose a character class – each with their own initial gear set and final ability – and then chart their course through the galaxy in total freedom, as well as hop from planet to planet, completing missions for the locals or researching new gear.

“Deep in Galaxies is a powerful and exciting adventure. Built with zero downtime and maximum enjoyment,” says Juan Iscar, Director of Product Marketing at Raiser Games. “With the freedom to explore different planets and open gameplay that turns into couch co-op chaos, we look forward to seeing what our players will revolutionize when DIG launches next month.”

Deep in Galaxies v1.0 will be available on Steam with support for English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Turkish. To learn more about DIG – Deep in Galaxies, add the game to your Steam wishlist and be sure to follow Raiser Games on Twitter and TikTok.

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Raiser Games, the game maker for Webedia Spain, has a talented team of professionals and over 200 games in its portfolio. Today, he helps independent creators bring their best ideas to life by creating, promoting, publishing and distributing their projects across multiple platforms and globally.

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