All dead space node locations

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In search of Dead Space Power Node Locations? These unusual items are usually found in blue wall cabinets scattered around Ishimura and, like in the original Dead Space, can be purchased from the shop for 10,000 credits.

They are used to purchase armor upgrades, weapon upgrades, and Dead Space gear, and to open doors containing important items such as ammo, supplies, credits, and health packs. You can upgrade your gear by using power nodes in the bank, placing nodes in the slots of your weapon or suit to unlock skill trees or increase gear performance.

Dead Space Remake Power Node Locations

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If the power nodes work like the original, this is where we can expect to find the location of all the Dead Space Remake nodes:

Chapter 1

  • tram repair shop
  • office Warehouse

Episode 2

  • main laboratory
  • diagnostic imaging office
  • Morgue

Chapter 3

  • filling chamber
  • centrifugal hall
  • engine podium
  • the engine room

Chapter 4

  • main room
  • ship systems
  • my computer room

Chapter 5

  • chemical research laboratory
  • cryogenics laboratory

Chapter 6

  • air filtration room
  • oriental culture room
  • cooling corridor east

Chapter 7

  • mining corridor
  • hallway to elevator
  • maintenance storage room
  • mountain check

Chapter 8

  • communications room
  • communication gateway
  • Canon ADS 48

Chapter 9

  • Armory x 2
  • corridors of the barracks

Chapter 10

  • 1F dining room
  • Sleeping block B bunk beds
  • zero gravity basketball court
  • Executive transfer to the bay

Chapter 11

  • cargo space
  • control room B

Chapter 12

  • landing area
  • gravity mooring core
  • B-Gravity Cable Operations
  • reverse tunnel

That’s all we know about Dead Space Remake’s node locations. If you’re wondering how these chapters fit into the story, here’s the length of Dead Space and all the details about the Dead Space cast. In the meantime, here are the best horror games and the best PC games.

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