Combining tradition and blockchain, Nodle creates a digital Lunar New Year experience

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Celebrated by more than 2 billion people around the world, Lunar New Year inspired Nodle’s latest creation, the world’s first startup to use smartphone connectivity to power the decentralized web of the future. Digital experience in red envelopes. Bridging the physical and digital worlds, the traditional red envelopes used to give gifts to relatives, family and friends during the Chinese New Year celebrations can now be sent digitally using NODL, the native cryptocurrency of the Nodle Network.

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Lunar New Year Nodla
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The new feature, with the ability to send directly via smartphone, aims to turn a tradition known in China, Vietnam and other East Asian countries into a mobile digital experience connected to Web3 concepts. “Red envelopes are a symbol of prosperity, good luck and good luck and we decided not only to simplify and streamline the process of sending gifts, but also to create an exclusive design to turn the experience into a special and fun moment as well as a date,” notes Carolina Mello, Head of Department marketing at Nodle.

Available in 8 different models, some of the envelopes are decorated with a rabbit, an animal that represents the Lunar New Year 2023 and symbolizes intelligence, peace and caution. To present red envelopes filled with NODL, a user can buy cryptocurrencies on their preferred exchange, with Nodle listed on Mercado Bitcoin, Kraken, Huobi, Bitmart, MEXC, Gate, and Ripio. It is also possible to receive NODL for free by contributing to the decentralized network, and for this you just need to download the application on your mobile phone, create a wallet and activate Bluetooth. The network currently has almost 700,000 active token holders and has a global reach.

About Nodle

The Nodle network uses the power of smartphones to create a decentralized network. By connecting millions of smartphones as “nodes”, Nodle allows people to thrive in ways previously unavailable in traditional centralized systems. The more people join and connect to the network, the more utility will be created as the network grows and prospers. Nodle aims to build a decentralized network with virtually infinite use potential so that everyone can connect, earn, build and be rewarded for their daily interactions through connection and earning. Find out more by following the official website link.

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