Koch Media Introduces New Publisher Prime Matter and Its Games

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Koch Media, which includes several video game companies such as Deep Silver and Warhorse Studios, announces creation of a new publishing house Prime Matterwhich will focus on releasing challenging and engaging games from studios around the world.

Under the umbrella of this brand, a large number of new games from a wide variety of genres will be released in the future, but we will also see the expansion of already established brands. The headquarters will be located in Munich, Germany, which, in terms of employees, is a mixture of seasoned veterans of the video game industry and newcomer enthusiasts.

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“Prime Matter is the new home of premium gaming, offering current and future partners the full experience of Koch Media Group, as well as a dynamic new team focused on maximizing their true potential.

The core of video games, of course, is entertainment. That’s why Prime Matter will constantly strive to innovate and inspire players in all areas of its business while maintaining the values ​​that make our industry so unique.”commented on the creation of the publishing house Clemens Kundratits – director of Koch Media.

Along with the announcement of the establishment of this publishing house presentation of several projectswhich will be released under his auspices. In the next lines you do we will introduce you to each of them.

payday 3

It was read in March that the highly anticipated next installment of Starbreeze’s first-person thief series would be released by Koch Media when we now learn it will be released under the new Prime Matter brand. Again, the gameplay will revolve around thieves, which will highlight your gang’s cooperation. And who knows, maybe you will successfully become a criminal genius.

Koch Media Introduces New Prime Matter Label and Payday 3 Game. The Team Together Again at ScaleThe game’s release is targeted for 2023, when it will have a PC and an unspecified console. The game will run on Unreal Engine 4.

Royal Award 2

Russian developers from 1C Entertainment are responsible for the exciting continuation of the King’s Bounty tactical series, and this time we will see a much greater emphasis on RPG mechanics than our predecessors. In addition, a challenging campaign awaits us, in which we will be able to experience the branching story of one of the three available heroes, with whom we will explore the landscape and command our army of people, undead and other creatures.

The release date is set for August 24, when players will see PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the game will offer Czech localization in the form of subtitles.

Crossfire: Legion

As the name suggests, this is a game set in the universe of the Crossfire shooter, which, however, will move into a completely different genre, RTS. We will see different factions, fast action and fully customizable armies. The people working on the game are Blackbird Interactive, where we can find the creators of games from cult series such as Homeworld, Company of Heroes or Dawn of War.

Koch Media Introduces New Publisher Prime Matter and Its Games Crossfire Legion Artwork minThe release should take place in 2022 on PC. The name was developed by Unity.

A prisoner

The series also includes an interesting post-apocalyptic RPG Encased from everything called Dark Crystal Games, which combines the charm, humor and charisma of classic heroes, while mixing freedom of choice and tactical battles. Therefore, it is clear that the first two parts of the legendary Fallout, Divinity: Original Sin or Baldur’s Gate served as a source of inspiration for the developers.

The full version will be released this September on PC (Steam and GOG), where you can already purchase a pre-access in which you will experience the entire first act and part of the second.

Scars above

The newly formed publisher will also team up with Serbian team Mad Head Games, developing a dark action adventure set in a dark sci-fi environment where you take on astronaut Kate Ward as she crash-lands on an unknown alien planet. . In terms of gameplay, you can look forward to a mix of environmental exploration and challenging combat where players will use believable weapons and technology to help them defeat terrifying monsters.

We’ll learn more about the game tomorrow during Koch’s primetime stream. The release is scheduled for next year for PC and consoles.

Echoes of the End (working title)

Under this working title is a project by a small Icelandic studio Myrkur Games, which belongs to the third-person action-adventure genre, with a strong emphasis on the story and a unique fantasy world. Players take on the role of the warrior Rin, with whom they must build a strong bond, while the heroine is replete with the power to change and destroy matter. Developers do not spare loud statements when they want to offer a completely new approach to storytelling.

Koch Media Introduces New Publisher Prime Matter and Its Games Echoes Of The End Artwork minTomorrow we will find out more information on the Koch Primetime stream.


Created by Brazilian group Massive Work Studio, this action-packed third-person action RPG will take place in a sci-fi universe heavily influenced by Lovecraft’s work, so we’ll learn just how ruthless a world can be outside the parameters we’re used to. Players will have to survive in a hostile environment, where they will face boss battles and a unique story revolving around a crystal that has the same name as the game itself.

The game will arrive digitally and physically in 2022 when PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are released.

Final form (code designation)

From third-person games, we finally get to some kind of first-person shooter, the action of which will again take place in a sci-fi setting, where those who wish will go on an action adventure in the shoes of a fighting Valkyrie who will go beyond the boundaries of the famous universe when he should try to stop the mysterious disease, thus protecting the last celestial being and the essence of life.

The game will be featured again during tomorrow’s Koch Primetime stream. But it is already known for sure that they will appear on PC and console, offering cooperation for up to 3 players. Development studio – Polish Reikon Games.

Song (working title)

From the FPS, we return to the waters in third person, this time with the psychedelic horror The Chant (working title) from the Canadian studio Brass Token. Once again, a space horror awaits us, where the plot will take place on the basis of the cult of a new era, where you will explore the intricate past of a desert island, where you have to fight and escape from the awakened horrors.

We welcome the game to our screens next year on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Digital and physical versions will be available again.

Gungrave GOR

This stylish third-person event brings a touch of Asia to the portfolio as it is the brainchild of the South Korean team IGGYMOB, where we will follow the fate of the protagonist Grave, the resurrected gunslinger and the fierce anti-hero of our dreams, who will face a bunch of enemies in bloody enemies of ballet bullets.

Koch Media Introduces New Publisher Prime Matter and Its Games GungraveGORE primedforaction minThe release is scheduled for 2022, on PC and consoles.

The Last Oricru – Czech title (originally as Lost Hero)

Now we finally get to the Czech track, which is featured in Prime Matter’s portfolio The Last Oricru (originally as Lost Hero) from the Czech GoldKnights team (currently 40 members scattered around the world, but based in Prague). . It’s a third-person role-playing game set in a unique medieval setting with sci-fi elements. Here we also find various factions with which we can communicate, but they can also be betrayed. The game offers single player and cooperation.

The project is being prepared for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, which will be released digitally and physically on those platforms next year.

New game from Warhorse Studios and switch port of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

There have been rumors about this for a long time, but now, finally, there is official confirmation. Warhorse Studios is working on a new game. Unfortunately, we still haven’t received any details, so we can only hope to see them during Koch’s primetime broadcast tomorrow.

But the news of the domestic team does not end there. Kingdom Come: Deliverance will see its special edition on the Nintendo Switch console, on which the studio is collaborating with Saber Interactive, who have, for example, the successful Switch port of the third Wizard.

New game from the Painkiller series

It was also announced that a new game from the Painkiller series is being prepared for us, which was brought to life by the People Can Fly studio. Saber Interactive (also a co-publisher) is working on a new game that includes a version for PC and unspecified consoles. In addition, we also know that, following the example of previous episodes, it will be a first-person shooter, which, however, will be focused on cooperation. More details should be provided soon.

Other announcements related to already released games

Addendum also announced news for already released gamesthat we can play for a while.

Thus, the publisher will protect the release of the tactical strategy. Phoenix Point (reviews here) on console. On the console Then there is also a medieval mix of strategy, RPG and sandbox in the form of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord (The title will also get a physical release). It has also been reported that a successful strategy iron harvest (single player review here) arrives on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, which also applies to the RPG Outward, who will offer his final edition here.

In any case, thanks to the creation of this company, the Koch Media group already includes five publishing subsidiaries (Prime Matter, Deep Silver, Milestone, Vertigo and Ravenscourt) scattered throughout Europe.

More details will be revealed during tomorrow’s Koch Primetime broadcast, which you can watch here.

Koch Media Introduces New Publisher Prime Matter And Its Free Game PM SaveTheDate

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