The best Batman games for PC in 2022

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In search of best batman games in the computer ? The Caped Crusader has been defending the streets of Gotham for years in various media franchises. And naturally, the philanthropist-turned-superhero sneaks into the gaming world from time to time, too.

And luckily, unlike many other superhero spin-offs, most of the Batman games on PC were pretty good. Whether it’s battling criminals in the dank corridors of Arkham Asylum or a more carefree stroll through Gotham as its LEGO counterpart, there’s something for every Dark Knight fan, though most come in the form of adventure games.

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If you have not yet dabbled in Batman games for PC or are looking for something new, this list will help you. We’ll only cover games where Batman or Gotham are the star; There is no injustice here and no multiverse, no matter how good it is, or anything else that is no longer available. With those caveats in mind, here are the best Batman games on PC in 2022.

batman arkham asylum

For many, Batman: Arkham Asylum will be their first trip into the world of Batman. Although released shortly after The Dark Knight, Arkham Asylum was not a movie tie-in game. Instead, it transported players to the titular facility in all its dark and grimy glory. Batman’s longtime foe, the Joker, manages to take over the orphanage, and our hero seeks to regain control over the flow of the game.

Batman: Arkham Asylum pioneered a style of combat that allowed Batman to easily engage multiple enemies while successfully dodging and countering. Being the first game in the Arkham franchise, it seems a bit simplistic these days, but Arkham Asylum still fulfills the dream of being Batman. You’ll also see this wrestling in other superhero games like Marvel’s Spider-Man, making it the most influential game on this list.

Best Batman Games - Arkham City: Batman Fights Thugs

batman: arkham city

Batman: Arkham City takes you out of the madhouse and into a much larger open world. Much of the gameplay remains familiar to Batman’s antics in Arkham Asylum, but more gadgets and enemy types have now been added to the game. The open world also means more side content, breaking up the main story as you meet new characters, but avoid tracking down all the collectibles if you want to keep your sanity.

This sequel also introduces new playable characters via DLC: Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing. While the Catwoman DLC was the only one with more story content, being able to play other characters was a nice change of pace.

Best Batman Games: Arkham Origins: Batman stood between the burning crates

Batman: Arkham Origins

Taking players back to the events prior to the first two games, Batman: Arkham Origins was the first installment in the franchise not created by Rocksteady Studios. It shows Batman in his early crime-fighting days, hunted by both assassins and corrupt cops.

While Batman: Arkham Origins is one of the less memorable installments in the Arkham franchise, it still offers an interesting take on the superhero. It’s not exactly an origin story, but it still offers new insights into Batman and the world he’s trying to protect.

Best Batman Games - Arkham Origins Blackgate: Batman fights armed thugs with Catwoman in the background

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Released alongside the main game, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate was originally intended for handheld devices only. Having received an improved PC port less than a year later, Blackgate is a side-scrolling title rather than a fully open-ended title.

While this limitation is clearly related to the original hardware Blackgate was designed for, most of what you’d expect from an Arkham game is still there. You’ll use gadgets to move around the area, taking down gangs with typical Batman agility, and the story introduces some of the main characters in no time.

Best Batman Games - Arkham Knight: Batman jumps out of the Batmobile to hit the enemy

batman: arkham knight

Batman: Arkham Knight is not off to the best start on PC, with many players experiencing poor performance and numerous game-breaking bugs. After a number of fixes and easier access to better hardware, Arkham Knight is now a PC gamer’s delight. Visually, it’s the most impressive game in the franchise, especially during the many episodes with the Batmobile. The Batmobile itself plays an important role in Arkham Knight as you make your way through the sodden streets of Gotham City.

Best Batman Games - Gotham Knights: Nightwing with two shock sticks

gotham knights

So we know that Gotham Knights isn’t technically a Batman game, but it does briefly feature the Caped Crusader. After the death of Bruce Wayne, Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and the Red Hood must protect Gotham City from villains who have taken the opportunity to take control.

It borrows stealth gameplay from other Arkham games, though it doesn’t follow the same story, and the combat is more of an action RPG. The game also features a cooperative mode throughout the game so you and your friend can ambush criminals together.

Best Batman Games - Batman The Telltale Series: Batman with Furry Catwoman

Batman: Reveals the series

While the Arkham games allowed for detective work, the focus was more on traveling the world and fighting bad guys. Instead, Batman: The Telltale Series slows things down a bit, letting you play as both Bruce Wayne and his Batman alter ego. The second series, Batman: The Enemy Within, further improves the story, with an overall better plot and a satisfying ending.

Best Batman Games - Lego Batman: Batman with Robin

LEGO Batman: The Video Game

For a more carefree experience, LEGO Batman: The Videogame is the way to go. This is another classic LEGO game, taking the usually stoic Batman series and throwing a lot more humor and goofy scenes into the mix. Like most LEGO games, this game is more fun to play cooperatively.

Top Batman Games - Lego Batman 2: Batman Ambulance

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

As you may have guessed, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes has more Batman and more DC characters in general. Batman still takes the lead, with a new set of costumes and gadgets, but other familiar faces like Superman and Flash are now making their first appearances. You even get an open world to explore similar to later Arkham games.

Best Batman Games - Lego Batman 3: Batman with a bunch of other DC heroes including Superman

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

LEGO Batman 2 was still a Batman game, with only a handful of DC characters. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, on the other hand, goes one step further, expanding the roster to over 150 characters from across the DC Universe. It might be the least Batman-focused game on this list, but it still has a nice array of new tools to play with during your space adventures.

Best Batman Games - Arkham VR: Hand Reaches Batman Disguise

Batman: Arkham VR

Batman: Arkham VR is an interesting game, not only as a Batman game, but for virtual reality in general. VR technology was still in its infancy when this game was released, giving gamers a taste of things to come. Arkham VR won’t blow your mind like modern VR games, but it’s still fun to play with Batman’s various gadgets and solve easy puzzles.

That wraps up our list of the best Batman games on PC in 2022. There’s plenty for newbies to enjoy, though you may have already bought some of these games as freebies from the Epic Games Store. If you prefer other superhero games, we have a list for you.

Source : PC Gamesn

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