343 Industries Can Fix Halo Infinite Aim Error On PC

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Halo Infinite, the latest sequel to Bungie and Microsoft’s long-running FPS franchise, has frustrated PC gamers since its release in 2021 due to a quirky weapon and aiming issue, but now developer 343 Industries, which has also released Halo 5, The Master Chief Collection, and Halo 4 suggest there could be a patch after Halo Infinite’s winter update.

Halo Infinite, at least on PC, doesn’t have a red cross. Often in shooting games, when aiming at an enemy, the cross on the screen will turn red, which basically indicates that if you shoot now, you have a chance of hitting something. Halo Infinite for PC never included this feature, the idea being that it would help confuse cheaters using aimbots in the game’s online mode; if there is no indication of whether a hard target or a “lock” has been set, this makes it more difficult. for auto aim and shoot tricks to know when to shoot.

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However, it also penalizes honest players, who, especially when engaged in long-range firefights, may prefer the red reticle for better navigation and aiming. Now that Halo Infinite is almost a year old, the lack of a red grid is still a sticking point for fans, but developer 343 Industries might finally find a solution.

In a series of tweets about the game’s winter update scheduled for November 8, 343 Industries Community Manager Brian Jarrard mentions playing the post-update build and hints at changes made to the system Halo Infinite’s marksmanship. “The winter update will be a big step forward, but we’re still far from done.” – Jarard Speech. “Today I had the opportunity for the first time in a long time to participate in a personal playtest. I’ve played a few builds since the winter update and let me tell you, my wallet on PC…was red. We are well prepared.”

While this seems like a pretty strong hint that the reticle issue will eventually be fixed, we can’t take this as a confirmation and it’s unclear when 343 Industries might release a reticle fix. On the other hand, we can all hope that one of Halo Infinite’s most annoying little bugs will finally be ironed out.

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Source : PC Gamesn

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