PS5: Two packs are coming with FIFA 23, according to a report

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German site WinFuture announced the arrival of two new ones ahead of time PS5 bundle including 23, one with standard model, the other with digital without reader. This isn’t the first time Sony and EA Sports have joined forces, given that similar initiatives have been suggested in previous parts of PS4 and FIFA.

According to images and information shared by the portal, the two packages will not include the PS5’s new hardware revisions CFI-1200, which are characterized by lower weight and some hardware changes, instead the previous versions will be CFI-1116A, exactly. Standard and CFI-1116B for Digital.

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The prices of the packages reported by WinFuture are not entirely convincing. We are actually talking about 699 Euros and 550 Euros for the PS5 Standard package, which is very high in every respect and this is just a false estimate. But the prices are more likely to be in line with previous PS5 bundles that were inflated by 50 euros due to the price increase announced by Sony.

WinFuture also reported that a package has arrived with a copy of it. FIFA 23 and Dualsense controller.

On the other hand, there are no details about the release date or release date of the three packs, which we assume will be the same as FIFA 23. 30 September 2022. In any case, we are waiting for official confirmations from Sony PlayStation.

Source: Multiplayer

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