Intel Responds to Arc GPU Cancellation Claims

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Intel Arc GPU rumors are the death knell for the company’s line of discrete graphics cards, but Team Blue’s EVP just called out the rumours. Commenting on the concerns, Raja Koduri dismisses the rumours, insisting that the chip giant overcame its teething problems despite numerous hurdles encountered at launch.

finished Twitter, a concerned Intel Arc fan asked Koduri about the future of the GPU lineup, specifically citing recent rumours. In response, the VP says the rumors are “not helpful” to the PC gaming community or the team bringing the cards to market, noting the line’s “first-gen” status.

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Koduri is not forgetting the pitfalls of Arc GPUs, admitting that the company “had more hurdles than they expected to overcome.” Of course, the Intel boss adds that the team has continued to work on the issues, refuting reports that cast doubt on the future of the lineup.

The reports in question are included in the new Moore’s Law is Dead video, which includes damning testimony from Intel insiders. One high-profile source claims that “Arc is finished,” while another confirms that “the decision has been made” to cancel the company’s plans to release discrete graphics.

It’s worth remembering that Intel hasn’t officially announced plans to cancel future Arc GPUs, so you should accept any internal speculation with your usual dose of skepticism. However, the internal MLID comments and Koduri’s response may indicate an internal split within Intel, which is not a good sign by any means.

Speculation aside, Intel appears to be positive about the here and now, having just released the full specs for its Arc desktop GPU lineup. The team blue RTX 3060 rival, the Arc A770, will also be out “very soon” and Intel’s Tom Petersen says it will be an attractive “performance-per-dollar” alternative.

Granted, Intel doesn’t claim to be the best graphics card, and the Arc A770 won’t stand up to RTX 4000 or AMD RDNA 3 GPUs. However, Nvidia plans to release updated RTX 3000 GPUs alongside its next generation. So even sticking to the entry-level comfort zone can be challenging for Arc Alchemist.

Source : PC Gamesn

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