PK XD guarantees safety and gives advice on how to keep children safe in online games.

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Children and teenagers are increasingly connected to the Internet and online games. According to a study by ICT Kids Online Brazil, nine out of 10 children are connected to the network and therefore exposed to the dangers it poses. With the success of PK XD, which has over 30 million active users in over 10 countries, Afterverse, Movile’s gaming cell, has risen to the challenge of developing a range of resources to protect users without hindering the fun and socialization of its players.


PK XD has a system that guarantees communication security, avoiding the exchange of data and personal information between users. “Players can interact in different ways, but always under control, aiming to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone. For this reason, we have developed a limited chat with over 1,000 phrases in addition to 45 emoji pre-selected by the game monitoring team,” says Charles Barros, Security Specialist.

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The game also has the ability to “mute” and “report” the avatar. “When a person is reported in the game, we can investigate and understand what happened and then take appropriate action. These measures can range from removing access to certain features to account suspension,” he adds.

The expert also shares top safety tips for parents and guardians of children who often play online:

Immerse yourself in the game

It is a big step to understand this universe and feel whether it is suitable for a child or not. Understanding how certain situations are handled by the company in charge, what language is used, and what scenarios the person who is playing may encounter are very important points.

Check if your chat is open

Open games and chats usually do not have a very precise and strict filter regarding the age of people who access services and products. As for minors, it is even more important for parents not only to know how the child uses the Internet and applications, but also to participate in game sessions in order to understand the communication between people.

information channels

It is important to check if games have the ability to mute or report a player who may be interfering with the user experience. This indicates that the company responsible for the game pays special attention to security and has appropriate systems in place.

About the afterverse

Afterverse develops and publishes games, creating interactive universes that break down physical, cultural and social barriers. The company, the result of the courage of Movile’s innovative cell, is committed to producing unforgettable electronic games for generations! To do this, it combines technology, innovation and entertainment to offer games that prioritize fair play in a welcoming and safe environment. Today, there are already 30 million active users monthly using their products around the world. Always up to date, Afterverse wants to engage more and more global communities by bringing people of all ages and interests together.

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