eFootball 2022, the eFootball 2023 update announced by Konami: that’s when it comes

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eFootball 2022 will receive Update who will turn the game eFootball 2023 At the end of August: Konami announced this and added that more information on the update will be released shortly.

As we know, old Pro Evolution Football It was the protagonist of a disastrous start, but has since improved significantly over the months, as evidenced by the video comparing the launch of eFootball 2022 with the current version.

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Therefore, we imagine that the transition to the 2023 edition will bring further refinements and refinements in the context of what is real, as envisioned. live service platform and not as a traditionally distributed product each year.

Konami stated that it will continue to collect feedback from users to introduce the most requested features and improve the existing ones in order to provide an experience that meets the expectations of enthusiasts.

eFootball 2022’s customizations, credits and savings could finally be transferred to new edition: In this sense, the development team is invited to check the in-game announcements along with all the instructions.

If you haven’t read it yet, here is our review of eFootball 2022.

Source: Multiplayer

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