Tower of Fantasy: Hotta Studios offers free items to apologize for server issues

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launch Fantasy Tower It was a little turbulent between unstable servers, endless queues and bugs that undermine the experience of those who want to start their own adventure. To apologize for the problems, Hotta Studios announced a compensation bonus. free items rewards for everyone and for their achievements at the launch of the game.

In particular, all players who pre-register or register for the launch by 02:00 on August 12, 600 Black Crystals as a trading bonus. This is an asset that can be used in a variety of ways; one is to turn them into 4 Red Nucleus to try your luck with the premium gacha banner currently available in the game.

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Also, to celebrate Tower of Fantasy reaching the top of the free-to-play rankings in 22 different countries, all players who signed up for the game by August 17th, 10 Gold Cores, the material required for the “pull” of the standard banner. All rewards will be sent to the in-game inbox and can be redeemed within the next 14 days.

Tower of Fantasy is available for PC, iOS and Android since yesterday. If you haven’t already, we recommend reading our preview along with your first impressions of Hotta Studio’s free-to-play action RPG.

Source: Multiplayer

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