4game Opens Presale of New Tactical Turn-Based Game RAM Pressure Under Fire in Brazil

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4game, an international publisher specializing in MMOs, announces RAM pressure under fire, a tactical multiplayer game with turn-based combat and several modes, including a clan system. The game takes place in a hostile sci-fi world where Earth has just been hit by a strange meteor storm that has left several alien artifacts on the planet. The player can become the commander of their own elite squad of mercenaries and use their ingenuity in the fight for the possession of extremely valuable resources.

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Presale RAM pressure under fire already started in 4game. Each set offers exclusive items for Brazilian users and a large amount of consumables at 50% off, perfect for a quick and comfortable start to the game. In addition, the platform gives you the opportunity to get a lot of items with a 30% discount directly on the game’s website. Any purchase made during the pre-sale will contribute to the user’s “Battle Path”, which guarantees additional goodies at every stage.

RAM pressure under fire Open Beta testing will begin shortly after the completion of the first phase of the pre-order. The game will be free-to-play and will have localization and technical support in Brazilian Portuguese. Main Feature RAM pressure under fire an infinite number of tactical situations to play. When planning their victory in a match, players will need to consider several factors: cover and flank mechanics, critical hit chances, dynamic weather and environments, and, of course, the abilities of each mercenary on their team.

There are 3 main groups of characters available: basic, professional and elite, as well as more than a dozen classes and about two hundred perks. In addition, players can modify the weapons and other equipment of their squad for any combat scenario. A detailed customization and upgrade system offers many combinations for mercenaries and ensures that no match is repeated.

About RAM Pressure Under Fire

RAM pressure under fire is an intense multiplayer turn-based tactical game with multiple game modes for PvP and PvE lovers. Set in a hostile sci-fi universe, the game puts players in the shoes of elite mercenary commanders competing with other squads for extremely valuable artifacts from an alien civilization that crash-landed on Earth after a strange meteor storm. On 4game, RAM Pressure Under Fire is available in Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish with full support for both languages.

About 4game

O 4game is an international platform for popular online games around the world. The platform has launched more than twenty massively multiplayer online games, including the popular MMORPG Lineage 2, Aion, Blade and Soul, Ragnarök Online, Crowfall, Point Blank shooter and others. In Latin America, the platform offers players the MMORPG RF Online. The platform currently has over 55 million users. It is owned by Innova, a multiplayer game (MMORPG) publisher.

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Source : Married Games

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