This is how Rockstar changed to improve the conditions for GTA and Red Dead Redemption writers

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This is how Rockstar changed to improve the conditions for GTA and Red Dead Redemption writers

Now the company has more manufacturers to avoid boredom, full-time contracts, and more news.

Grand Theft Auto VI

Rockstar is already warming up to make GTA VI the best installment in the entire series. However, we must also highlight the company’s reasons for showing. very optimistic With the title, that is, beyond wanting to raise the expectations of the players, the writers of GTA and Red Dead Redemption have gone through a full phase. positive changes for your employees.

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Management promises Grand Theft Auto VI won’t require excessive overtimeBloombergThis is how a few Rockstar employees explained it to Bloomberg because the company copied the exclusive news after it was released. Red Dead Redemption 2 for the undue tension associated with the development of this title. Almost 5 years have passed since these events, and it seems that the studio wanted to radically change some of its policies when creating a video game.

Image from Grand Theft Auto VI

“Rockstar’s transformation includes changes to the calendar, turning contractors into full-time employees, and laying off several executives it sees as employees. abusive or difficult to work withAccording to the experience of Rockstar employees, Bloomberg explains: “When the pandemic started, employees were given care packages, cloth masks and special bonuses.”

While this already helps us understand Rockstar’s positive change, the news listing continues: “Employees are new. mental health benefits and breaks. A new policy called ‘flex time‘ allows the team to take immediate leave for every extra hour they work. And for the last four years, the administration has promised it. excessive overtime will not be required for Grand Theft Auto VI”.

Rockstar took part in many news today, where it left us alone with the statements of its employees. A few innovations about GTA VI. While the developer has been making slow progress on the project due to all the changes it has implemented in recent years, we’re less likely to see a Latina woman as the lead right now.

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