Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z: Three crossover characters revealed in a leak

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A thoughtlessness initiated by a well-known leaker Shiina Fortnitemay have already disclosed three of the four Dragon Ball Z characters This is coming to Epic Games battle royale thanks to an alleged crossover event. According to the information shared by deep throat, Goku, Vegeta and Beerus.

As always, we’re talking about information that should be taken with a grain of salt, but it has to be said that Shiina has been right about numerous Fortnite tips in the past. Also, this new instability has been confirmed by content creator MidaRado, who has collaborated with Epic Games in the past and some sites in the video game industry such as Eurogamer.

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There have been rumors of a crossover event between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z for a while, and rumors intensified a few weeks ago when an object extremely similar to the Capsule pods was found in Epic Games’ battle royale game files.

According to the information leaked later, skins and related accessories are expected to come to the Fortnite store. four characters Akira Toriyama’s famous opera. So in addition to Beerus, Goku, and Vegeta, there could also be a fourth character, currently shrouded in mystery. Who will be? According to comments on social media, many see Broly but also Gohan, Junior, and Krillin as ideal candidates.

Source: Multiplayer

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