Now you can run Doom in Doom on PC

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It’s been a long time, but we’ve finally reached the Singularity, the natural end of our journey to discover anything that could control Doom. As TS Eliot wrote: “The end of all our explorations will be to arrive where we began and to know that place for the first time.” Like all pilgrimages, this has always been a journey in itself, and here we are, at last, in fatal insight.

Yes, you can now run Doom in Doom. YouTuber and coder Kgsws, whose online name even sounds like a Doom console command, explains how they were looking for a way to run their own executables within Doom and naturally came across the “SpawnMapThing” command, commonly used to place weapons, enemies. and bonuses at Doom levels.

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The specific part of the “state” code that determines what state an object or enemy is in (for example, it could be the first frame of a death animation, or the fifth frame of flashing in place to get players attention ) can be replaced with an executable file, like the DOS version of Doom. There are a few bug fixes that Kgsws, apparently some kind of helper, quickly fixes, but other than that it seems almost straight forward. And bam, copy and paste the executable code above the status code and Doom runs inside Doom.

But Kgsws doesn’t stop there. What started out as a small room that simply showed Doom’s progress quickly becomes a full theater with a gallery where you can dim the lights, flip switches to turn off the HUD and mouse gaze, and instantly jump from side to side. other. to play your own Doom to Doom on screen in Doom.

It’s very well done, but it’s also bittersweet because there seems to be nowhere to go when it comes to getting Doom to work on things. Maybe then we should run Doom on top of Doom, which is already spinning inside Doom, a kind of infinity mirror where you play three Dooms at the same time. And then maybe we can run it in Doom, which is inside Doom, inside Doom, which is inside Doom. And then Doom, which is in Doom, which is in Doom, which is in Do- oh, my laptop caught fire.

Source : PC Gamesn

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